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Gone over to the dark side
August 3rd, 2005 5:53AM

I never thought this day would come, but Iíve become a regular viewer of a reality show: Rock Star: INXS. It goes against all I believe in to support a reality show, the bane of modern television, but in this case I had to make an exception. Iíve always liked INXS, and ever since I reviewed their DVD retrospective Iíve been a bigger fan than ever. Now, eight years after the suicide of lead singer Michael Hutchence, they are taking the reality show route to find a new lead singer.

Iím fine with their getting a new lead singer; eight years is time enough for mourning, and Iíd hate to see these talented guysí career trapped in amber; itís time for them to move forward. I wasnít so sure about the wisdom of going with a reality show, but the pool of contestants contains some real talent, even though most of the singers seem too young to be real people yet. Itís intriguing to hear the bandís reaction to the different performances, and Iíve already picked out my favorite contestants as well as the one that I devoutly hope will lose. Iím probably being manipulated by clever editing of the ďrealityĒ segments, but Iíve started to recognize the lure of reality shows. They really do give the illusion that we know these people, and we start to care about them--and, in at least one case, passionately dislike them.

Last nightís performance segment was odd; after last week, in which the band offered some incisive commentary on a number of performances, last night was a love fest. The members of INXS and Dave Navarro, whose presence I donít really understand, just adored everybodyís performance. Even the laughable act put on by that jackass J.D. I wonder if he was cast on the show just to provide an irritant; he grates on me terribly. Yet he seems popular, and last night, with a straight face, all the judges lavished praise on him. ďIíd have paid to see that performance,Ē gushed Dave, and poof went my faith in his judgment... not that I had a lot to begin with, after he told one contestant that she looked fabulous when she appeared in leather gauntlets and what looked like a chiffon nightgown.

Anyway, not that itís a matter of life and death (although the show keeps insisting that the contestants are ďsinging for their lives,Ē as if theyíre gladiators an inch away from hungry lions), but Iíve made my choice. Marty would be a great match with INXS. He has loads of magnetism. He also has character, something that most of the other contestants donít seem to have acquired yet (except for that guy who looks like a creepy hobo). He doesnít have any direct similarities to Hutchence, but something about Marty reminds me of him. Maybe itís sheer presence. He was absolutely mesmerizing last night. (J.D., watch and learn.)

So now Iím hopelessly fished in. I have to keep watching the show now to see if J.D. gets his comeuppance, if Marty gets the gig, and if my other favorites (Jordis and Ty, for those who are also watching) acquit themselves well. I have become a reality show watcher. But really, itís just this once.

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