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Why I liked the WORST movie of the year...
April 3rd, 2006 10:07PM

Just got back from a Monday night showing of Basic Instinct 2. We had maybe twelve people in the theatre, all couples. I was with my single mom friend Jennifer who has somewhat provincial tastes (she loves chick flicks!). The plot was silly, and the lines were some real groaners. But what else is new? Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone had horrible lines too, and the plot was ludicrous in the first installment. The sequel was bad enough to chase off two rather offended looking couples who scurried for the door halfway through the screening. Yes, the film is bad. But what did anyone expect? It's chock full of sex, murder, and double entendres. Sharon Stone is past her "sell-by" date to play a seductress nobody can resist, and she seems like Joan Crawford in one of those B-pictures the flailing diva did late in her career (Strait-Jacket or Trog anyone?).

But for some damn reason I can't totally dismiss the film. As unimaginative as it was, I still had an absolute blast. Sharon Stone may be 48, but her boobs are probably only sixteen years old at best. I'm sorry, but I admire the hell out of her for having the balls to try and pull this one off. And guess what? She kind of does. Her voice is lower, she has to wear a lot of make-up, but Catherine Tramell is still in there begging to come out. She's still hotter than half the stars in Hollywood half her age, and reigns as the "Queen of Mean" (maybe even moreso after hearing what all she's done after being famous).

I had a hard time buying a shrink would fall for her. But then again in the first installment, why would a homicide detective? David Morrisey looks great, and does all he can to make sure his character is more subtle than the cocksure Michael Douglas San Francisco detective from the original. It's a more restrained journey, but he's English and a psychologist. In a way it's a nice contrast to the first. And how in the hell did they get Charlotte Rampling and David Thewlis? They both turn in their usual fine performances providing exactly what the script demands of them (not much, but they make the most of it).

Most of all, I just had a really good time. It's not a brilliant film by any means, but I was never bored. The movie, Sharon Stone, and David Morrisey all look good. I liked Catherine's new fixation with auto-erotic asphyxiation (belts around the neck right before orgasm). It's simply a vanity project for Stone, but she still has some sex appeal left even at nearly half a decade. Sure it's all like some kinky car crash, but you can't take your eyes off it. I'm trashy for saying it, but I liked it. It very well may be a hoot to call it "the worst film of the year" or "top pick for a Razzie", but in the final analysis it entertained me. Don't believe the hype, it's still a fun adult erotic thriller. And I for one can't wait for the inevitable "unrated" DVD. It'll sit happily nestled between my copy of the original and Catwoman. Somehow it seems to fit right in - not as great as the first, but not nearly as bad as Stone's turn in the Halle Berry flick. Because at least here she looks good, and happy to be back.

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