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Judge Denise Louis • Location: Flushing, NY
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July 3rd, 2007 3:13AM

Well, well, well. If you've seen the commercials, the action figures, or you can finish that two line phrase, you know exactly what you're getting. In fact I had the distinct feeling that I'd seen this movie before. It turns out I had, when I watched the cartoon version. The creators/writers/director etc basically took the exaggerated dialogue, the hyperbolic characters, and the (sweet!) action of the cartoon and transported it the real world. And you know what? I liked it. A lot. If your willing to dive in head first and go along for the ride, I guarantee you'll enjoy it.

The film's only crime is that its attempt to make the action seem more realistic sometimes works against it. The shaky camera and slightly off-center CGI can make it hard to tell exactly what's going on. Having said that, it's enough of a problem to be noticed but not quite enough to be truly troublesome. I'm not sure if Transformers is being released to IMAX but you definetely don't want to see it there, it will only magnify the effect.

The great experience I had was only helped by an audience half full of huge transformer fans. They clapped during the introduction of Optimus Prime, the good robot's leader. I say this for two reasons: 1. As excited as I was for this film, I was not a big fan of the cartoon. 2. This same audience (including myself) cheered loudly at the closing of this film. Apparently you can be vaguely aware of it's history or be a die-hard fan and you'll still enjoy it. I'm just happy I liked it so much. Seeing as I work concession at the movie theater I saw this at, Transformers will be responsible for making my life a living hell for the next two weeks. C'est la vie...

Postview: Evan Almighty
June 28th, 2007 2:00AM

It's the number one movie in the country but is it really worth it? Only if you have minimal expectations...

I hadn't actually planned on seeing Evan Almighty. I'd simply taken a summer job at my local movie theater (in concession no less, I find the oil burns to be quite pleasant) and was on a break with some time to kill. I heard some laughing and decided to walk in to a theater. What I saw I liked. It was Steve Carell showing off his ability to make silly funny - much preferred to the rabid convulsions of one Jim Carrey. The jokes are also more family-oriented, so much so that I wasn't surprised to so many kids in the audience. Of course, all of this is reflected in the shiny new PG rating.

That's not to say that the rating is entirely a blessing (get it? Okay I'll stop now). It also means the plot and characterization have been thinned to the point of transparency. The best example of the latter being Wanda Sykes who has about two lines that aren't (mostly bad) one-liners. Evan's wife Joan of Arc (yes, that is really her name) suffers a similar fate - partially because Lauren Graham plays her so straight that when her jokes come, the laughs don't. The unfortunate addition to this category is John Goodman as a corrupt politician, in a performance that almost makes you forget how good he is at comedy.

On the plot side, it begins just as you might expect it to. God/Morgan contacts Evan and tells him to build an ark with Evan doubting him. God proceeds to follow the 11th commandment 'Thou shalt be stalked until thy believe me' until Evan relents. Here's where we officially cross into Jesus territory, and where the heavy-handed message-giving begins. The story beats you over the head with it's don't harm the environment and family message. Topped off with a forced and awkward transition from Evan to Noah and the plot won't be getting points for subtlety. I mean when Evan tells a man to repent you can actually hear the audience doing a double-take.

Now as for the positives - it's got heart. If you can ignore the flaws, which are slightly overshadowed by the humor anyway, you should enjoy the film. The intent here was clearly to make a sweet family film that most would enjoy and I certainly did. Most of the flaws are slightly overshadowed by the humor so as those low expectations won't be unsatisfied. However if you don't have some kids to take with you you're much better off renting it, it isn't that good.

In short it's light-hearted fun for the family, treat it as such and you won't be disappointed. And hey, it's beating that gnarled fetus sequel in revenue so it can't be that bad right?

Blog news: I won't be making promises since I can't seem to keep them but I plan on doing an entry called the Bi-Weekly Bomb, and something for the number 2's in the box office that I haven't come up with a name for yet (like 1408) along with the Postview (names will change if I get better suggestions) plus any other movie news I can muster. The summer means more free time to (hopefully) review more movies. I'm fully aware that people are willing to read my crap blog so I will definitely be putting some more effort into it. This is also a little experiment to see exactly what I might try for the upcoming Cinema Verdict so feedback is appreciated. Thanks.

Everything in due time...
April 24th, 2007 1:34AM

I just want to start off by saying I am getting the feedback that's sent to me but quite a bit of it is spam so at first I wasn't reading it. The legitimate ones, from redrocker96 and shaylin_5, were received but for some reason I couldn't respond to them. I got some error message about an address system that's makes it invalid or something..whatever. Anyway I'll respond to them here, hopefully you two will actually be reading this...

Open Water 2
I love how all these morons on here describe this as such a "dumb" and
horrible movie when they think movies like Shrek and The Matrix and Lord of
the Rings are great movies. Get bent! This movie was awesomee and I hope
there is an Open Water 3 so I can buy about 10,000 copies of it and inspire
them to do an Open Water 4. Morons.

Well you gotta love constructive criticism. There isn't much to say here except I'd appreciate it if people told me why they think my opinion is worthless rather than just calling names. Allow me to demonstrate:

It's one thing to have a silly plot. It's another thing to have a silly plot that you claim is a "true story" in order to justify it. And it's a whole 'nother problem to do all of the above, throw in some cliches and then ask me to care. I just didn't. The second they were in the water I figured they'd lock arms and boost the lightest person up. Or have a lighter person climb the rope. Or have someone smart enough to, you know, put the ladder down in the first place! I mean were none of them planning on a bathroom break? The whole story was just ridiculous and baby plot device crying at every convenience was enough to make me gag.

Now, I'm glad you enjoyed it but as I mentioned earlier -- criticism is not the same as ad hominem. If you're just going to attack then what's the point of giving feedback? It certainly isn't going to change my mind.

Avatar - The Last Airbender
I agree totally. I am KRAZY about Avatar! I think it's even to the point of obsession. I'm okay with it though. I LOVE IT! Especially ZUKO! I love his latest and greatest hair-do (Crossroads of Destiny hair-do) I waited, thankfully, for the box set and am extremely pleased with it. (i frown upon the single DVD's) I even managed to get several friends just as obsessed as me. (though, Zuko's still mine ;D) hee hee. Thanx for the review!
PS- you've got a good sense of humor. I always enjoy the voice of the Avatar community. I've never met an Avatar fan I didn't like yet.

Glad to hear from a fellow avatar psych..err...fan. I'm glad you enjoyed the review. Now all we have to do is wait for the box set and we can right back into the swing of things. It's always baffled me that things like a "collectible comic book" are seen as reason enough to shell out lackluster dvds. Anyway, the compliment at the end is much appreciated, and I have to return the sentiment...
PS - I'm not obsessed or anything, but I can safely that Zuko is mine ;)

I have plans to update this with some pictures from a semi-recent trip to Africa plus some pointless ramblings from the corners of my mind a.k.a. blogging. Hopefully they'll come together a little faster than this one did, what with school and all.

Speaking of which, I'd like to express my condolences to all those who were lost in the Virginia Tech killings of a week ago. I'd also like to thank NBC for giving the killer exactly what he wanted by glorifying and sensationalizing his actions with the on-air release of his "package." I'm sorry, I just felt it needed to be said.

Everyone have a great week...

March 12th, 2007 2:02PM

I've broken my four year streak of not paying to see (what look like) bad movies yesterday -- and it's all someone else's fault. I went to the movies to see Zodiac this weekend and the cashier mistakenly rang me up for...I can't believe this...Norbit! AHHH! My e-movie integrity has been shattered!

On a lighter note, I liked Zodiac quite a bit. The only real flaw for me was that it could've been shorter. I may write a little more about it on another day. That's all my first blog entry(ever, not just on this site). I like the idea of trying to keep this up, that way and can get all those nagging thoughts out of my head that sometimes prevent me from writing. Anyway, have a nice week everybody.

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