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Mission: Impossilbe: III
May 29th, 2006 7:32PM

Or M:I:III for those who like it quick and dirty.

Right now, it's terribly difficult for most of us to separate Tom Cruise the actor from Tom Cruise the person. The image of him jumping up and down like an idiot on Oprah's couch has left an indelible mark on our consciousness, and it is not a good one. It's obvious in the things we read, we see, and in the simple fact that this latest entry into the franchise did not live up to expectations.

What makes it all the more difficult is the hook of the movie: Tom, er, Ethan Hunt's girlfriend has been kidnapped and he's off to save her.

Granted, Ethan's girl's name is not Katie, but we can't help but once again merge fact and fiction. That was a mistake. It's not Tom's fault, for it was J.J. Abrams who decided to bring humanity to the franchise; and what better way to accomplish that than to bring in the idea of love. For the first two movies, we see Ethan and his cohorts interact and build a friendship. It may be a strong friendship, but for the viewer, there's not much there outside the idea of a professional relationship. Now we've upped the ante with love, and deep down we can understand what love can do.

Take that idea and throw it into the world of the superagent, and you have Mission: Impossible: III. This movie is perhaps the best of the three. Tossing aside the confusing circles of the first and the mindless action of the second, this third entry is smart, scintillating, and exciting. But if we just didn't have the crux of the film being love, reminding us of freaky Tom, then the movie would be better.

If you're able to set that aside, this movie is fun and worth the price of admission. With a great, albeit underutilized, cast, interesting and accessible story, and stunning action sequences, M:I:III will leave you with a smile. You'll marvel at what they dreamt of next, but you'll also be craving more. More action? More Tom? More explosions? No. More Philip Seymour Hoffman.

He may have won an Oscar for his performance as Capote, this role may last longer on people's radars. Simply, Hoffman is perfectly evil as bad guy Owen Damian. It just goes to prove that intellect, determination, and the resources to do bad things means more than someone with muscles out the wazoo.

If you've been debating this one, then put aside the trepidation Tom fostered in your soul. M:I:III is the perfect summer popcorn flick, filled with everything you need to look forward to a thrilling summer.

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