Superman: Unbound

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Superman: Unbound

Postby Movie Mike » Tue May 14, 2013 6:36 am

I wish I'd liked it as much as Mac McEntire did but for me it failed on too many levels. There are some very fun moments, most of them centering around Superman and Lois's relationship, but those sadly are surrounded by a lackluster threat which really shouldn't be how one perceives Brainiac. One of the most notable failings is the scripts inability to have the villains power set remain even remotely consistent. First one of Brainiac's robots arrives on Earth and it and Supeman have a knock down drag out fight but then mere minutes later we have Superman wiping the floor with an ENTIRE ARMY of same type of robot. We also get a scene where Lois and a few coworkers defeat some robots by simply pushing them out a window via sliding a wooden desk across the floor at them. So either Brainiac has the worst quality control department in his robot manufacturing division or the writers of this movie suck. The only real saving grace is that John Noble is a great choice for the voice of Brainiac.

The Bottled Cty of Kandor and the Bottled City of Metropolis are returned to their former size by Superman simply placing the bottles on the ground and pulling a tab. Prest-o-change-o back to normal! No tragic storyline of Superman being unable to undue Brainiac's shrinking and thus forced to keep the bottle safe in the Fortress of Solitude. Even worse is that Superman just finds a barren planet under a red sun to leave Kandor, which as far as I could tell was a barren lifeless rock. Metropolis he justs places it back in the hole it left behind when it shrunk and apparently when it re-enlarges all the water mains, sewers, power lines, subway tunnels, roads and bridges all just magically lined up.

Brainiac, who has downloaded the knowledge of countless worlds for centuries, has his brain overloaded when Superman takes him outside his ship. Apparently the sound of bees, babbling brooks and people just living their lives was too much for him to handle and he explodes. I would have been happier if he was defeated by James Kirk gambit of "I love you, but I hate you."

Special Note: Daily Planet reporter Steve Lombard thinks Clark Kent is gay because he isn't dating anyone and is in good physical shape. *sigh*
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