The King Family: Classic Television Specials

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The King Family: Classic Television Specials

Postby Paul Kile » Mon Aug 11, 2014 1:04 pm

I have no disagreements with the review, think it is spot on.

However, I have to relate the rationale for my SPECIAL HATRED of the King Family. It is something for which I have never forgiven the ABC Television Network. In 1965, I was 12 years old and totally hooked on The Outer Limits. Every week I would tune in and get my monster fix, which usually scared the bejeebus out of me but always had me coming back for more.

One week smack in the middle of the television season, I sat down and warmed up the old black and white Motorola console expecting to hear the Control Voice intone "There is Nothing Wrong with your Television Set", but I sure did find something wrong with my TV set when I discovered a bunch of blonde and toothy saccharine-filled singers instead of creepy cinematography and oozing monsters. That was probably the first time when it all clicked in my brain that the TV networks weren't there to entertain me, they were there to extract the maximum amount of money from the advertisers. So Dominic Frontiere's ethereal soundtrack was replaced by elevator music, surely pleasing legions of conservative grandmothers but pissing me off no end.

So I cringe with the fact your review stirred up my old animosity, but at least I got it off my chest knowing my reasons would be fully appreciated on this forum.

Cheers, and F**K the King Family, and all the horses they rode in on!
Paul Kile
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Re: The King Family: Classic Television Specials

Postby hoytereden » Wed Aug 13, 2014 5:46 pm

Yes indeed, Paul! ABC was out to kill the show and moving it from Monday to Saturday certainly did the job. It also didn't help that they put less emphasis on the "bears" (creatures) in season 2. Like you, I was crushed and The King Family was just another Lawrence Welk as far as I was concerned. The only silver lining was that soon my Saturday nights would have Mission Impossible to capture my attention. 8)
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