Love Nest - Marilyn Monroe

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Love Nest - Marilyn Monroe

Postby barrymn » Sat Feb 28, 2009 8:17 pm

It's clear that the only reason why this rather small comedy was issued on DVD was Monroe's presense. But that's not the primary reason to watch this cute little film.

Issued in 1952, this comedy stars June Haver and William Lundigan. But what makes this a fine film is 1) I.A.L. Diamond's screenplay and 2) excellent performances from people usually not associated in films at this time, Jack Paar, Leatrice Joy and Frank Fay, plus the added treat to see an early Marilyn Monroe performance....not the typical "stupid blonde" role, either.

It's a nifty film and the the DVD Verdict review fails to point this out.
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