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Procol Harum DVD

Postby Professor Al » Fri Jul 03, 2009 7:31 pm

Interesting review... nice to see that you recognize that the current incarnation of Procol Harum is a tight and talented to comments about the orchestra adding little of substance to a band that stands quite well on its own (and always has...their reputation, in every permutation, has been that of one of the best 'live' bands in the business), opinions on the orchestra question do vary quite a bit, even among the most ardent fans, so no I have no real issues with an honestly expressed opinion with regard to that.

However, I and many long time fans of the band would definitely take issue with the idea that the current band is "cobbled together" for the purpose of this venture. One need only refer to the excellent LIVE AT UNION CHAPEL, another excellently produced DVD showing the group in all its "band only" splendor.
It must be noted that except for the relatively recent and unfortunate departure of original Hammond man Matthew Fisher under rather sad and unpleasant circumstances, the reality is that the core of the band featured in the new DVD has in fact been together longer than the original band, and longer than any previous lineup (even Josh Phillips, the current man at the Hammond, had played with the band 15 years ago as a sub for the then computer sciences student Matthew Fisher!!). Hardly a cobbled together lineup.
This band still rocks as well as it ever did and is still one of the best live acts out there... by any standard, but especially among the dinosaur rockers!
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