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Postby Movie Mike » Tue Jul 07, 2009 8:42 am

Judge Bill Gibron's review of Knowing was very good, and hard to argue with most of it, but I did find Cage's performance to be full on Wicker Man mode in this flick, "Oh, no! Not the bees! Not the bees! Aaaaah! Oh, they're in my eyes! My eyes! Ahhhhhhhhhh!" And I laughed when the first numbers (in a sheet full of numbers) happens to be 9/11 and it's not because he noticed it as being that date, he actually spends time breaking it up to figure it out. Can we actually have a man of science who is an atheist because he finds the concept of God unbelievable and not because his wife got killed? As for the bat shit crazy ending? By that point I was so in love with the sheer silliness of the film that it just made me love it all the more. I'm a disaster movie buff and to have cataclysmic events combined with the most silly and off the wall concepts, and one of Cage's strangest roles, well it made me happy. Then again I love a good bad film.
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