Race to Witch Mountain

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Race to Witch Mountain

Postby Movie Mike » Tue Aug 04, 2009 7:14 am

I'm kind of tired of family films that want their cake and eat it too when it comes to putting action in their family fair. Disney felt the need to amp up the action when they remade Escape to Witch Mountain but also had to make sure in all that frenetic action it is clearly established that no one can be hurt in the Disneyverse. Two notable examples really annoyed me: 1) Seth phases out of the backseat of the cab during the 80mph car chase and then turns himself super dense in front of the MIB's car which results in the caving in around him, now the scene is shown in beautiful slow-mo so that we can clearly see that anybody in that car would be instantly killed as the metal crumpled around them, but nope the driver and passengers are just a bit dazed. Bullshit! 2) Later their cab is being chased through a train tunnel by the assassin alien who is piloting a space craft, the heroes cab makes it out of the tunnel in the nick of time as a train arrives but alas the train smacks right into the pursuing alien ship. Now the filmmakers took the time to show the engineer of the train (seen right at the front of the engine looking out the window) pulling on the brake as he sees the oncoming lights of the cab and UFO but to no avail as the UFO explodes into the train in a fireball with enough force to derail several of the train's cars. When the MIB arrive to investigate we are told that the engineer is fine but shaken. Bullshit! He would be dead, dead, dead! I'm not saying you can't have action in family films I'd just as soon not have my intelligence insulted while their doing it. The scene with the engineer didn't even need the "He's fine." bit of dialogue as the kiddies can believe he's fine and us adults can think, "Wow, he's toast." End Rant.
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