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Postby TorstenD » Fri Jan 08, 2010 8:55 am

I usually enjoy DVD Verdict to the max, and I am the first to bash Uwe Boll every occasion I get, but this review got way too many things wrong.

"Boll has found a niche—pumping out cheap videogame adaptations—and he's getting disconcertingly good at it."

He hasn't, and he isn't. "Alone in the Dark", "Bloodrayne", "Dungeon Siege", and "FarCry" bombed badly at the boxoffice, and Boll has neither the means nor the interest to adapt more video games in the near future. His last four films were horror/action/war dramas.

"He buys the rights to up-and-coming videogames, often before they even get released to the public"

No. He is only interested in established franchises. Can you name ONE video game that he was involved with BEFORE it got popular?

"throws together some funding and some German actors"

Boll rarely relies on German actors. Only FarCry has a German in the lead. He usually has Germans in minor roles (Ralph Moeller, Jürgen Prochnow) to get some PR over here.

"shoots it quick and dirty,"

Say what you will about Boll, but some of his movies were not cheap. Even if you substract the hyperbole, Bloodrayne and Dungeon Siege hat big budgets, and some serious production value. Thanks to his system, his movies are usually very solidly funded.

"and releases the film, usually right to DVD"

"House of the Dead", "Dungeon Siege", "Alone in the Dark", and "Bloodrayne" all had major theatrical releases in the US. "FarCry" had a major release in Germany. "Postal" had a major release planned, but the movie just stepped on way too many toes.

"The films are never hugely successful, but they don't need to be; they just need to turn a small profit."

Not exactly true. The disastrous boxoffice performances of "Alone in the Dark", "Bloodrayne", and "Dungeon Siege" have pretty much destroyed Boll's system, and he is now forced to churn out really cheap, partially improvised product like "Stoic" or "Tunnel Rats".

I feel that the review seriously misrepresents the "Boll system", and even though he is a talentless hack, he deserves to be researched properly, like any other director.

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