The Last Gun / Four Dollars of Revenge (Blu-ray)

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The Last Gun / Four Dollars of Revenge (Blu-ray)

Postby Andrew Forbes » Thu Jun 09, 2011 9:36 am

Nice review, Daryl. Thanks. I've had my eye on this release for a couple of weeks but wanted to wait until I heard a bit more about the quality, given that this is a "Shrill Creak" release. One quick question, though: do the lead actors appear to be speaking their lines in English? I know the deal with '60s Italian flicks and pan-European dialogue/dubbing, but due to some quirk of psychology, I hate to buy an English-audio-only release unless the actors (or, at least, the leads) are speaking English on set as well. The English dub just seems more authentic to the filmmakers' intent, somehow, when that is the case. Obviously the readings aren't going to sync exactly, but do Cameron Mitchell's and Robert Woods' lines seem to match up film-to-dub?
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Re: The Last Gun / Four Dollars of Revenge (Blu-ray)

Postby Daryl Loomis » Thu Jun 09, 2011 3:55 pm

Thanks, Andrew. Yes, both Mitchell and Woods are clearly speaking English on the film and in the dub, for all woodenness that comes with. The sync is decent; not the best I've seen, but definitely acceptable. The rest of the cast speaks their own various languages, so that's all over the place. The price of the set and the quality of 4 Dollars wind up making the set worth picking up, even if the transfers are shoddy. Thanks for reading.

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