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Postby Kenneth Morgan » Thu Oct 13, 2011 6:52 pm

Judge Johnson,

Re: your question about witty one-liners from judges, that's not far from the truth. I used to direct a local access cable show called "Court on Cable", and some of the judges did have some funny comments from time to time. Of course, these sessions dealt with minor offenses (traffic tickets, low-level theft, etc.); things are probably different in a major trial situation.

In particular, I remember a local judge who, as part of his usual opening remarks, would inform everyone that payment of fines was expected immediately in cash or check. If you didn't have enough on you, he'd say, "you go to the pay phone outside and find out who your friends are." Once, when I appeared before him (as a plaintif) around Christmas time, he remarked that I reminded him of Bob Crachit. Unfortunately, said judge was later forced to quit when one of his quips was seen as racially offensive.

As for the show, I agree with your review, by and large. It was well-made, but it was pretty much the same thing you could see on any given episode of the original, which made the show a bit pointless.
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