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Working DVD

Postby mango47 » Thu Jul 12, 2012 5:11 am

The main complaint the DVD Verdict reviewer had of the Working DVD was the songs ; "The problem with Working lies not with the book it's based on, but entirely with the music...the efforts in Working stand out due to their stultifying dullness, forced lyrics, and non-melodic tunes."

You may be interested to read this review of Working by Masterwork Broadway's Peter Filichia. He not only liked the songs but the show also contained his favourite of all the 61 Stephen Schwarz songs heard on Broadway, "It's An Art", which he quotes extensively ; ... 20Filichia%u2019s%20new%20column

The user reviews in IMDB also liked the songs, in fact they were often the only things they liked in the musical;

For myself, I did not like this musical when I first bought the DVD. I realise now it was because I was expecting a musical play and got a musical revue instead. Now I have heard the songs again and listened properly to the real experiences of workers I enjoy the show a lot more.

What does surprise me, considering the show was co-written and directed by eminent songwriter Stephen Schwarz, is that he has cut several songs including his own! I would have understood if the show was overlong but it is only 88 minutes, far shorter than the average musical.

I have to agree with Peter Filichia about the Stephen Schwarz song "It's An Art", a masterful song from a master songwriter and Schwarz's "Fathers & Sons" is just as good.
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