Psycho III Blu Ray

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Psycho III Blu Ray

Postby MalpasoFan » Wed Sep 11, 2013 9:14 am

Excellent review for this underrated gem. So many people praise II and trash III, which I think should be reversed. While I like Psycho II very much, it plays much too safe and I think falls apart at the end when the unconvincing gore kills kick in, especially Vera Miles embarrassing puppet head gets stabbed through the mouth. Psycho III is much riskier and I think accomplishes more than II. The screenplay is far wittier with better, interesting performances all around. Perkins direction is assured and confident since he's probably the next best thing to Hitchcock to direct a Psycho sequel. I can't wait to see the extras from Shout. Now lets get IV on Blu so we can complete our sets.
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