NFL Referees/NHL Lockouts

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NFL Referees/NHL Lockouts

Postby Mach6 » Fri Sep 21, 2012 3:58 pm

My right-wing blood would usually side against the unions, but I don’t get what the owners are trying to accomplish.

With the NFL situation, at first, I thought there wouldn’t be that much of a difference in officiating or game management with the replacement referees but I was wrong big time on that one. The regular refs will make bad calls now and then (they’re human), but at least their games finished within three hours. It’s no secret that a lot of these games are around or lasting longer than 3 ½ hours. The biggest example being on MNF where the 1st quarter lasted nearly an hour. A regular NFL game with no OT should not have a longer run time than The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. What were the ref union leaders asking for that a billion dollar enterprise like the NFL couldn’t afford?

On the other side, the NHL for the millionth time is going to have a work stoppage. I consider myself a casual hockey fan (in other words I will only watch an NHL game if the Blackhawks are in it or some of the NHL Finals) but I was really looking forward to this season. I thought the lockout of 04-05 that cancelled the entire season had solved most of the NHL’s financial problems. The owners won that battle & got the hard salary cap & reduced players’ salaries they wanted. As of now, neither the union reps nor the owners are even attempting any negotiations. Is there more to this than just revenue sharing? This is all just very disappointing to me.
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