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Postby Steve T Power » Thu Jul 29, 2010 4:13 am

Fear our Shaq Fu!

Join Steve, Dave, and Jon as they work the mic like vandals. Dave is (again) a PS3 owner, thus making the entire PixelVerdict Crew a bunch of namby-pamby fence sitting panzies who refuse to choose ONE side in the great World Console Wars. Dave rocks the DJ Hero (Renegade Version bitches! Fo’ Reals!), Jon plays some archaic fighting games, and Steve takes Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days for a spin.

Random questions are the order of the day, as Steve, in celebration of the announcement of Street Fighter X Tekken asks for some “Ultimate Fighting game throwdowns”, and Dave wants to know about the cheapest bossfights in video game history, Damn you Heihachi Mishima!

Why not give it a go?
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