BLAST PROCESSING! Episode 79 - Drums in the Deep!

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BLAST PROCESSING! Episode 79 - Drums in the Deep!

Postby Steve T Power » Fri Oct 01, 2010 8:15 am

Episode 79: Drums in the Deep! <---download!

Steve and Jon are back after facing hardships, chaos, destruction and evil Corporate stormchasers as Hurricane Igor (eye-gore) tore across the harsh barren rock that is their homeland. Adam, having braved only the hardship of a brisk lazy Indian Summer in Ontario is along for the ride.

Steve’s been busy with demos, Enslaved is awesome, Arcania: Gothic 4 threatens to pluck him away from other, lesser open world RPGs, and Front Mission: Evolved is… well.. it has giant robots. Jon has finally hopped on the Borderlands gravy train now that it’s a greatest hit, he too loves Enslaved, and his thoughts on Spiderman: Shattered Dimensions leads to discussion on how to make Spiderman work as a video game. Adam, meanwhile, has delved too greedily and too deep into the scary realm of Minecraft, and feeds his WoW monkey some more. That monkey must way 700 pounds by now.

We close it all off with some thoughts about this years Tokyo Game Show, some talk of random nonsense, and the utter sadness that is the delay of Two Worlds II. So give a listen!

How do you feel about Minecraft? The new Ninja Theory-led Devil May Cry reboot? How awesome was TGS this year? (answer: So awesome!) Should Adam use Minecraft’s robust toolset to build a 1:1 in game replica of The USS Enterprise? A Star Destroyer? or The Mines of Moria? These are important questions! Sound off! Tell us what you think! Share in the comments below, over in the DVD Verdict Jury Room forums, or by emailing
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