Gamestop is being sued, TWICE

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Gamestop is being sued, TWICE

Postby mkiker2089 » Sat Mar 05, 2011 12:16 pm

This is kind of silly I think. First California makes a law that as written prohibits a store from collecting personal information with a credit card purchase. Almost everywhere else personal information is REQUIRED with a credit card. I don't understand that law at all, is it to make it harder to steal credit card numbers or something? The suit as I've read it says that once a card is swiped the employee is supposed to expunge the persons info (name, address, etc was given as an example) from the system. In short no store could keep customer records. If they asked to not have their CC number on file I would understand, but that's not how the suit is written.

Then some geniuses are suing because studios are putting one time use codes in new games and customers buying used aren't paying attention. Gamestop should I suppose destroy all old packaging and just put all the games in those ugly generic boxes they have. This one I almost see just because they have a lot of kids and people can be confused. However I don't think a lawsuit is needed. Especially since you have 7 days to return used games. Those people should have just returned them for a refund.

Sometimes I wonder if the courts shouldn't bring back punitive damages for frivolous lawsuits.
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