Medal of Honor Warfighter - first impressions...

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Medal of Honor Warfighter - first impressions...

Postby Attrage » Sat Oct 27, 2012 12:16 am

After looking forward to this game for, well, since I finished the last one (which was AWESOME), I've done the first couple of missions and my first impressions of this sequel, are, I'm sad to say, not good. The first mission (dodging the flaming cargo containers) had me thinking I'd picked up a Call of Duty title by mistake. That brilliant "weight" to the gunfire that was so well executed in the 2010 MoH, is barely noticable here. The "breach doors" mini-game is distracting, the friendly AI are moronic, the enemy AI are even worse, and I get the sad but not surprising impression the single player campaign is again going to be agonisingly short. I put down the controller and thought "I waited 2 years, and forked out 90 bucks...this had better get fun soon..."
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