Ambush Topics 12/11/09

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Ambush Topics 12/11/09

Postby Mach6 » Fri Dec 11, 2009 12:04 pm

Scenes with Golf Carts: I hate to mention this, but in the repugnant Tomcats, Gary Busey's no talent son runs over a female golfer with a cart & doesn't even notice or care. Nothing equals great comedy like misogynistic scenes like that.

Best Series Finales: Angel was good, but nothing tops The Shield's swan song. Where to begin? The fate of Shane & his family, Vic & Claudette's face to face in the interrogation room, Claudette helping Dutch with the pyscho teenager, Ronnie taking the fall & his reaction to Vic's betrayal, & Vic having to wear those dorky dress clothes & basically being emasculated at his new "job".

For cartoons, Spiderman The Animated Series had a crazy finale. They threw in everything & the kitchen sink in that one: Alternate realities, almost all the bad guys, Uncle Ben, & Stan Lee in cartoon form(!).

Worst Series Finales: It wasn't horrible, but I was disappointed with La Femme Nikita. To me, it just didn't fit with Nikita's character to become the leader of Section One & to find out that Michael & Nikita were not going to be together.
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