Friday Filibuster 4/30

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Friday Filibuster 4/30

Postby Mach6 » Sun May 02, 2010 11:18 am

The main problem with V : I don't hate V as much as Mike Rubino does, I really enjoyed the 1st 4 episodes last year. These new batch of episodes have really soured me on the show & the #1 reason by far is Tyler (the son of FBI Agent Erica). Tyler is the most whiny, stupid, & cliched rebellious teenager character on TV right now. It's like they combined 24's brain dead Kim Bauer & Spiderman 3's "what about me" Mary Jane Watson into this abomination. In the storyline, Tyler doesn't know his mom is apart of a rebellion fighting the V's, but he does know she is very busy working for the FBI & still doesn't cut her any slack. Erica tell Tyler to stay away from the V's & Tyler visits the V's healing centers & spaceships every chance he gets & lies about it because he's rebellious. The final straw was when (The V leader) Anna's daughter Lisa tells Tyler he may not be Erica's son(?) & Tyler doesn't believe or trust his mom or dad anymore. He barely allow his mom to explain her side of the story. For some reason Anna wants Tyler to live on the V mothership. As far as I'm concerned, they can dissect & slice him up into a million pieces & V would improve tenfold..

The main thing you hate about TV commercials: As for annoying recurring characters in commercials, is anyone else tired of Pres. Palmer/Jonas constantly hawking All State Insurance? Dennis Haysbert should be giving executive orders or killing terrorists instead of telling how much money I can save from a car crash.
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