Hooray for Comcast!

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Hooray for Comcast!

Postby cdouglas » Sat Sep 11, 2010 5:11 pm

So, I noticed that Mr. Vargas was watching quite a lot of interesting films on MGM-HD and was wondering why I didn't have access to such a nice channel. I checked the MGM-HD website and it indicated that the channel was available through Comcast, but it wasn't part of my lineup. So, I called Comcast customer support to ask if there was any way I could get MGM-HD. "It's not currently available in your area," they said. "But we can put in a request if you would like."

"Sure, okay," I said, figuring that a request wouldn't do much of anything.

"Hold for one moment," they said. I waited. "Sir?"


"I put in a request, and it was successful. You should have MGM-HD as part of your lineup within 2-4 weeks."

Talk about customer service. I know that plenty of people have had problems with Comcast, but I figure that something this awesome deserves to be shared, too. Anyway. That made my day.
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