Dark Knight W/Batpod Blu Ray Box $16.34!

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Dark Knight W/Batpod Blu Ray Box $16.34!

Postby Dark Knight » Tue Aug 25, 2009 3:54 pm

I normally wouldn't push an eBay auction here, but this is different.
Here's a link for those who may not have got "The Dark Knight" on Blu Ray yet, to get it at a great price.
Even below the regular Blu Ray price. It's a "Buy It Now" for $13.36 and $2.98 shipping. It was like $50.00 or more when it first came out.
They have like over 200 of these and I ordered mine and got it fast. They even left positive feedback right after I paid for it.
It's the 2 disc with the digital copy and has the Batpod.
Here's the link:
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