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Postby Steve T Power » Mon Apr 12, 2010 6:36 pm

mavrach wrote:My usual two that are out but not animporphic: Grosse Pointe Blank & Raising Arizona. I've yet to buy either because it seems like a no-brainer that these would get double-dipped. I should just cave and pick them up, that will probably trigger the Blu-Rays getting released.

The Last Dragon - It's in fullscreen only despite the box saying its widescreen.

At least give me a crappy Blu-Ray of these at this point.

I'm also interested in 1492 since it's one of the only Ridley Scott movies I haven't seen.

I've got an R0 Aussie version of 1492 that's actually got decent audio and video, and even some bonus features (including a brief interview with Rid that was filmed at Cannes.) It's worth tracking down. It's a damn good flick.
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