Aziz Ansari - "Intimate Moments...."

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Aziz Ansari - "Intimate Moments...."

Postby Lilquietone44 » Wed Feb 03, 2010 8:05 am

Aziz Ansari's new DVD Release titled "Intimate Moments For A Sensual Evening" just came out and I was quite pleased.

Unfortunately, I did not come to know this comedian until his DVD was released. I had heard his name associated with the TV show "Parks and Recreation" and "Scrubs" but I didn't watch those shows much to begin with, so how would I know of him? I also had heard he was in the newer movie "Observe and Report" I'd seen a clip of that online, knew it was a comedy, but had never checked it out.

I got this DVD as a gift, and sat down the night I got it and watched it. Just by his demeanor I was cracking up, his facial expressions and mannerisms will make you laugh alone. I have watched the DVD several times since because his humor does not get annoying, old, or too repetitive. I've watched numerous clips of him that i have found online since learning of his standup and I have not been disappointed. the DVD definitely let me in on his style and the type of comedian he is. I definitely recommend checking it out.
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