Fraggle Rock DVD question

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Fraggle Rock DVD question

Postby jcankerhuxley » Tue Mar 16, 2010 5:28 pm

I have a sister who is turning 35 in six weeks. When she was eight years old, she loved Fraggle Rock, and now has two kids (3 and 2 years old) of her own. I was thinking that a great b-day gift for the whole family would be either a few of the seasons of Fraggle Rock on DVD or the complete series set. My preference would be to get the whole series, because by the time it ended, she was a teenager and thought she was a little too old for the series (which, according to scientific studies, is no true) and she would be able to experience the whole thing with her kids. I have read all the DVD verdict reviews but would be interested to hear from fans or people who bought the discs. Is it better to purchase the individual discs or is the season pack worth it? Does the animated series add anything to the set or stick to the original series?

Any Fraggleheads out there want to weigh in on this I would greatly appreciate it.
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Re: Fraggle Rock DVD question

Postby stypee » Wed Mar 17, 2010 5:31 pm

Although I really wasn't a fan of Fraggle Rock, (I'm 37), I do remember it playing, to the point of nauscioness, constantly on HBO (and I didn't even have HBO when I was a kid, a friend of mine did and I was at his house almost every Saturday), I do remember the animated series. It's quite inferior. From experience on buying television series, I also suggest buying the entire box set. You always regret not having a season in the long run and it's fun to go back to it whenever you like.
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