Where Evil Lives Verdict

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Where Evil Lives Verdict

Postby Deltanine » Sat Aug 11, 2012 2:02 pm

I was quiet surprised when I read the Verdict for the horror film "Where Evil Lives." To begin with,when this film originally came out on VHS just about anyone who saw this or reviewed it always said the first segment "Huberts Homecoming" was the best.I aways liked it because it had more of a John Waters, H.G Lewis feel to it (the Blue Marlin scene is classic).I guess if your looking strictly for your standard 1980's horror then you may find this segment out of place with the other two.If you like your horror more bent and twisted then you'll like "Hubert's Homecoming." I will have to say that segment 3 "Saved By The Spell" is very good,especially the mad Doctor. :cry:
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