Judge Patrick Bromley and his partners-in-crime set out to brutally f, F, or FFFFFF movies that set their souls on fire.


Postby J.M. Vargas » Mon Jan 30, 2012 1:00 pm

Link to 'Taken' podcast. This is one of the better podcasts I've ever heard, especially the last 10 minutes when co-host Mark Ahn validates the movie's storyline (except for the Liam-Neeson-kicks-everybody's-ass part) by sharing the story of his own abduction as a child. With "The Grey" doing gangbuster business (#1 at the box office) Liam Neeson is now officially the thinking man's action hero at age 59. Can "Taken 2" (budgeted at $80 million?!?!) do anywhere as much dough as the first "Taken" did? We'll find out soon enough. :?
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