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Postby stypee » Fri Jul 22, 2011 3:48 am

What would the Verdict be with my occasional, almost yearly post that has no redeeming value to it?

Here it is..

I've been thinking allot about the Hellraiser franchise, recently I watched the first movie, I hadn't seen it since I was a kid when it was first released. My impression, now as an old fart is that it plays exactly like a soap opera with cool blood and guts and some goofy looking characters, one dude with pins glued to his head. In this world of Hellrasier we have a group of minions, if I maybe so bold as calling them that, known as cenobites and thus begins my post of pointlessness..

I cannot help but think of tasty cinnamon buns when I hear the word cenobits mentioned. I know it has a slightly different pronouncement but still, I can see the icing over the delicious puffed pastry in a much smaller, bite sized form. My hand reaches over the warm and tasty treat creating sticky hands and more added calories and fat to my already enormous body. I can just taste the wonders of a cenobite...

I now have to watch Hellraiser II, the lady whose organs are completely exposed and who somehow has the distinct ability to carry on strange and lengthy conversations awaits me. She is one of those rare horror icons that churn my stomach just looking at her. This will hopefully gear my thoughts away from the tasty treats. Wait a second, they (the tasty cenobits)appear again in the sequel don't they? Perhaps if I just continue to stair at the icky lady my desire will wash away, I will hit the pause button when she hits the screen, this will curve my desire for a pipping hot and deliciously tasty cenobite....

End of Line.
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