Why You Hatin' On Captain America Yo'! T.V. Movies

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Why You Hatin' On Captain America Yo'! T.V. Movies

Postby stypee » Wed Nov 16, 2011 2:37 am

I can't believe they released this. I thought I was out of my mind, I thought it was my imagination. I remember when the first one aired, I was six years old and I just thought it was coolio!

Now its like I really want to see it again and I had no idea there was a second one.

If you'd like to take the disc off your hands and make a kind donation to stypee - I'll be glad to send it back, I just need to see them at least once more.. Seriously...
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Re: Why You Hatin' On Captain America Yo'! T.V. Movies

Postby arthurn » Sun Jan 01, 2012 8:32 pm

If the over the top American narcissism isn't enough the hate the movie nothing is! I thought that The Watchmen was the worst but I was mistaken. I mean 'Captain America', as if the US is gods gift to the world - seriously!
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Re: Why You Hatin' On Captain America Yo'! T.V. Movies

Postby Mach6 » Mon Jan 09, 2012 4:14 pm

Why do I even bother? Captain America (Which version?) & Watchmen are the worst? Worst superhero movies? Really? Seriously? Did you ever see Catwoman, Superman III, or Batman & Robin?

If you’re talking about the 1990 Captain America movie with Matt Salinger, then yeah, that was horrible & pathetic. I wouldn’t put it on my top ten worst comic book movie list since I always followed the Siskel & Ebert rule & that is not to pick on the “little guys” or low budget films that didn’t have the resources. That Capt. movie looks like it was made for less than a million bucks. I haven’t seen the 70’s made for TV Capt. America movies. Hey Stypee, has someone helped you out so you can finally see them after all these years?

The 2010 Captain America was by far the best superhero movie of the year. I loved the World War II period style & settings. Chris Evans was perfectly casted & Tommy Lee Jones was so great that I finally forgiven him for his campy performance in Batman Forever. Thor & X-Men 1st Class were OK to good while two movies having to be about something “Green” were truly awful. If you didn’t like Capt. America for its “Rah! Rah! America is coming to save the day approach”, I can’t change your opinion there.

I must admit I hated Watchmen when I saw it at the theater. I never read the novel so I had expectations of the usual superhero flick with tons of action & over the top superpowers so I was really disappointed. My mind changed when I rented the director’s cut & I really discovered it as a smart, adult take on superheroes & Cold War politics. I would put Watchmen in my top ten (either #7 or #8) best list. Like Blade Runner, Starship Troopers & Escape from L.A., I hope Watchmen will eventually get the respect & acclaim it deserves that it didn’t get during its theatrical run.
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