Until you come to us meet

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Until you come to us meet

Postby jinz5d68 » Tue Aug 14, 2012 9:08 am

Dusk, listening to the window winding incessant fireworks Cui Xiang, I suddenly know, people are looking forward to a happy ending. My hand gently press on the chest, the inquiry of his own heart, what the purpose of never completed? you really also want to do? you desire what kind of results?
distress date, I blocked with physical, mental, leaked to the last part of the things they want to know not to harbor doubt and concern of the people I silence silence to the limit, I can even hear the sound of his heartbeat. I am aware that because of my silence, but also unfamiliar with the friendship of these recollections. all
2007 winter, my feet are very hectic,
sometimes on the road floating some light rain, sometimes on the road to float some snow mixed with the footsteps of pedestrians wandering I am familiar with, I concocted the story hidden in the face, and looked at the familiar look of the stall Congju dining, I am enjoying, I smile.
blame I still clever people itself, in fact, I am still ignorant bear stand, I spent $ 20, points to the street artist sang to sing this song the singer pushing the car carrying the sound, sing their lives is truly a bleak emotional songs in the revel. two parts of the song are so unconventional, but they share stubborn self-confidence, so I moved. livelihood which had not been confident, even a fool, full of fools, Taobao children's clothing brand.
I love the music folder be deleted. At first the sound of those sweet, may still nice , but my mind is no longer as the former one of their own, Cincinnati hard-working Bashansheshui, such as turning in a circle back to the starting point change in thousands of livelihoods are integrated into a change, change clever by ignorance and then by intelligent and become stupid, have not been a decent reason to put it exports reasons in case of good faith dealing with people are wrong, I do not trust ourselves, but also trust who to?
former every day is structured busy with, I started to figure out a coherent come from? solo, I should be erased from my mind, habits of vague memory, similar to the way comparable situation, similar people, similar to the hearts of hh similar in that we will continue to meet.
rushed, Wang Ran no time to show consideration for the wound, and occasionally think of some of the major things, rather than abandon the carefully looking Zhejiang winter is not winter, the coldest it then days. This year, the open window, the cold air spilled in every corner of the full housing, open air-conditioning, the room temperature has been maintained at around 26 degrees. teens hydrotechnic boy, cold red cheeks, wake on warm admiration, but also take away the feelings of equanimity. all should be very generous, the Spring Festival, there are too many stories, easily Ye Hao numerous and worth mentioning, finally had to water the usual light passing at any time. those marked with the DVD-9 disc piece, lying dust, stacked in the bed, colorful conservation, bore a striking resemblance close to permanent heart away from the solitude of the sea, Taobao best freckle products, in fact, remote.
2008 Congju determine as old, but the ears have become more Olympic and inflation and other themes of the gimmicks. I love the people I love the people so the words will be in people's conversation gradually fade out, about the kingdom of the world consistent with the breakdown of love big hate big is big non, will become the 2008 the main theme.
Never had finished the Lantern Festival, the annual is not over, a district on either side of the road is also hanging with one of lanterns, red screen at night, reveals the desire you want to burst, desires draping a black silent silence, anxiously shiny red heart and my heart if I so holding the lonely people, walked up and down, they had also represent celebration.
you know? my hands always carrying only desire of red lanterns, post-natal breast enhancement products, through a solid and well-injury streets were gradually omitted, through the city coarse veins Avenue, through the night, through the day, has always come to our meet.
tomorrow about the beginning of work have to plunge into a busy career, waiting for the new preliminary
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Re: Until you come to us meet

Postby Dan Mancini » Tue Aug 14, 2012 5:28 pm

Thanks, 10 points easy!
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Re: Until you come to us meet

Postby Mitchell Hattaway » Tue Aug 14, 2012 8:00 pm

I clicked the "Understand me" link. Didn't help.
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