A Bad Day to Die Hard

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A Bad Day to Die Hard

Postby Mach6 » Thu Feb 28, 2013 3:32 am

Let me get this right. Johnson & McEntire actually liked A Good Day to Die Hard. Did they see the same incompetent train wreck I did?

I loved the 1st four Die Hard movies. I know it’s cool & hip to bash Live Free or Die Hard, but hey to each their own. So, when I went to see AGDTDH, I lowered my expectations when I heard about all the horrible reviews & I was still very disappointed & frustrated after I saw it for just the $6.50 matinee at my local theater last week. I saw a lazy cynical cash in on the Die Hard franchise.

The R-Rated Violence: I only saw three kills that were R-Rated & the final main bad guy death was badly executed. I won’t completely spoil it, but it was a lame attempt to copy Hans Gruber’s death from the first DH. The rest of the action & violence could’ve been in a PG-13 movie.

The Bad Guys: We have a mercenary who chews a carrot, a main villain who isn’t established until the last 10 minutes, & forgettable henchmen. I know there are a lot of people who bash Timothy Olyphant’s Gabriel from LFODH but at least he’s established as the main bad guy at the beginning & had an interesting henchcrew (Maggie Q, the Parkour dude, & the hacker prick with the glasses).

The choppy editing & bad ADR: The pacing is so rushed with scenes ending awkwardly like when McClane getting out of the taxi & then you see other people leaving their cars as well (?). The motorcycle babe stripping to her underwear got cut. Yeah, we saw more flesh in the TV spots then we did in an R-Rated movie. Most of the F-Bombs & R-Rated dialogue aren’t matching up with the mouths. It was like I was watching a badly dubbed foreign film. I get the feeling they were making a PG-13 & at the last minute had to make a few changes to get an R-Rating.

Subplots & characters: I hated the McClane Jr. hating McClane Sr. for being a screw up angle. I just thought it was very lazy to copy the daughter/Lucy hates her dad storyline from Live Free or Die Hard. Just lazy, lazy writing. Bruce Willis’ John McClane was very obnoxious & unlikable, with the awful “I’m on vacation” jokes, punching out an innocent civilian, & driving on top of their cars. If McClane became Superman in Die Hard 4, he turned into Superjerk for this one.

The only highlight is the big chase with the Twisted Metal armored truck because it’s good old fashioned vehicular carnarge with little to no CGI & a great finish. It’s too bad the final act relies a lot on slow-motion, CGI explosions, & even CGI stuntmen (the money shot in the trailers).

I think all these years at DVD Verdict have finally taken their toll on good old Dave & Mac. Please Mr. Stailey, please give Mr. Johnson & Mr. McEntire a very long vacation before they completely lose their sanity. :(
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Re: A Bad Day to Die Hard

Postby Dave Johnson » Mon Mar 04, 2013 2:24 pm

Hmmm. You make a passionate case. I still think it worked as a swift-moving, throwback actioner. It's no gem, for sure, and you're right, the villains and new characters were forgettable, but I was able to section it off from the rest of the DIE HARD films and enjoy it as a stand-alone kablooie-fest. Sort of like a cow's stomach.
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