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A&E // 2011 // 242 Minutes // Not Rated
Reviewed by Judge David Johnson // August 28th, 2011

The Charge

Purging The Curse.

The Case

I've just finished reviewing the 1986 World Series Game 6 installment of "Baseball's Greatest Games" and what perfect synergy to move onto Baseball's Greatest Games: 2004 ALCS Game 4. Where Game 6 represented the unquestionable nadir of Sox history (forget Bucky Dent, in Game 6 they were one out from the championship), Game 4 in 2004 is the zenith. Sure there was much relief and rejoicing when that final out was recorded to complete the Cards sweep and secure the elusive first title since 1918, but none of that happens without this improbable victory over the Yankees.

By the time this game aired I was firmly entrenched in New England sports culture and married to a lifelong, die-hard Sox fan. So I was emotionally invested in the series but drifted away once the Yankees went up 3-0 after pinning 19 runs on the board in the previous game. Then they were down by one run in the ninth, facing the greatest closer this planet has ever seen, managed to get a runner on first, produced the most important stolen base in franchise history, tied the game and walked off in a big way in the 12th. This would of course rocket the team to a shocking comeback, as they reeled off four straight wins to finally lay the specter of the Bambino to rest. A heart-stopper for sure and certainly deserving of "Greatest Game" status.

Still, I run into the same problem I did with the other release: who's going to shell out the money for this? The game was great, yes, but aside from a few innings, largely a bore. There were a lot of goose eggs until the big 9th and that fateful 12th. And only the bottom halves of both of those innings supplied drama. It's the finest drama you can squeeze out of baseball, but you're looking at a fraction of mammoth four hour runtime!

I suppose this would make a great gift for the beloved Red Sox fan in your life. Or, even better, a real sock to the privates for the Yankee fan in your life.

These DVDs continue to be basic, though at least you get a widescreen presentation here to go along with the 2.0 stereo and zero extras.

The Verdict

Papi says Not Guilty.

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Judgment: 75

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Studio: A&E
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Release Year: 2011
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