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Kino Lorber // 1972 // 90 Minutes // Rated R
Reviewed by Appellate Judge Daryl Loomis (Retired) // September 25th, 2012

The Charge

They came to make the bedsâ"and made everything!

The Case

Despite their popularity during the '70s in Europe, the sex comedies from the era rarely stand up today. They aren't funny, the stories are sparse, and though the women in the movies are often very attractive, they are given little to do outside of stripping down. None of that is different in Au Pair Girls, a British import that is mostly entertaining, but completely insubstantial and fairly lame.

Four young women from around the world descend on England for various Au Pair jobs at rich people's home. Follow each of these lovely young women as they meet their respective employers and get busy on the more important matter: to meet strange men and wake up next to them.

Au Pair Girls is more of an anthology than a linear plot, with four stories woven together to complete its 90 minutes rather than something that works as an actual narrative, which exists on no real level.

We have Anita (Anita Sector, Swinging Wives), a German girl whose flamboyance about her body causes her to be kicked out of her house and hired by an Arab sheik, all because he has color TV. Randi (Gabrielle Drake, There's a Girl in My Soup), who hooks up with the son of her employer, winds up on a sexual misadventure revolving around lost keys and torn clothing. Christa (Nancie Wait, The Amorous Milkman) goes out on her first night with the daughter of her boss, only to find her virgin self at the mealy hands of a Jim Morrison knockoff who could care less about her purity. Nan (Me Me Lai, The Man from Deep River) is assigned to a horribly sheltered young pianist whom she gets to indoctrinate into the world of sex.

Together, the four stories, along with a prologue and epilogue that bring them back together, make up Au Pair Girls, and if what you're looking for is cheeky bawdiness without the slightest hint of narrative, you're in luck. This is about the joy of sex and, sometimes, the pain of it, at least in the case of Christa's, whose free-wheeling thinking leads her into a den of sin that is the only dark part of the film. In that bit, the Jim Morrison guy is pretty funny, especially for one without much positive to say about the singer.

The story with Nan is weirdly sullen, though cannibal film favorite Me Me Lai is always a pleasure to watch. The other two stories run more like Benny Hill bits, but that's the way British sex comedies go sometimes. Director Val Guest (The Quartermass Xperiment), whose consistent work in crime and science fiction genres doesn't seem so suited to a sex comedy, does a reasonably good job with some fairly shoddy material. He weaves the four stories together smoothly, making it seem more like a complete plot than it really is. The best part of the film, though, is the ultra-cheesy title song about how sexy and awesome au pairs are, and almost makes Au Pair Girls worth watching all by itself.

Au Pair Girls comes from Kino International under their Jezebel label in a decent bare bones edition. The 1.66:1/1080p transfer is colorful, with strong black levels and relatively bright whites. There's a little bit of damage to the print, but not enough to complain about. The mono sound is decent, nothing to brag about, but it has that title song and a minimum of noise, so I'm happy. No extras on the disc, not even a trailer.

Fans of sexploitation will have a good time with Au Pair Girls. It's harmless, with plenty of bawdy fun and bad jokes. There isn't anything that great in it, and I'm not the biggest fan of this kind of film, but there's a certain giddy appeal to it.

The Verdict

Case dismissed.

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Judgment: 75

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