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Mill Creek Entertainment // 1969 // 452 Minutes // Not Rated
Reviewed by Judge Roy Hrab (Retired) // April 10th, 2011

The Charge

Hikky hikky-burr, burr...
Ooh lord...

The Case

The Bill Cosby Show: The Best Of Season One is one of those mysterious releases that occur on a regular basis in the world of home entertainment: the double dip. The complete Season One and Season Two have already been released on DVD in 2006 and 2010, respectively. Those releases represented the entire 52 episodes of the series. Also, each of the previous releases contained an interview with Bill Cosby, reminiscing about the show.

So, what do we have here then? Well, we've got 10 episodes that were all released on the 2006 Season One collection:

* "The Fatal Phone Call"
* "Lullaby and Goodnight"
* "The Substitute"
* "A Word From Our Sponsor"
* "Driven To Distraction"
* "This Mouth Is Rated X"
* "The Worst Crook That Ever Lived"
* "The Blind Date"
* "The Return Of Big Bad Bubba Bronson"
* "The Elevator Doesn't Stop Here Anymore"

And unlike the previous editions there are no extras.

Judges Dennis Prince and Gordon Sullivan covered the history, style, and transfer quality of the series in their reviews of Seasons One and Two. I don't have much to add to their descriptions of the (mis)adventures of high school gym teacher Chet Kincaid (Cosby). The show is one of subtle humor and it follows a disciplined formula of introducing a problem in the opening scene which Chet must navigate his way out of. Through it all, he maintains his composure, sense of morals, and ties up all (or most) of the loose ends. It's most definitely the work of Cosby, which is a good thing, but the feel, look, and pacing of the show is dated.

One additional observation: Henry Fonda refers to Cosby by his real first name of Bill rather than Chet on one occasion in "The Elevator Doesn't Stop Here Anymore" episode. It's interesting the misstatement wasn't picked up in production or editing.

There's little to recommend The Bill Cosby Show: The Best Of Season One. Given that the full season sets are available for purchase or rental, this release serves no purpose.

The Verdict

Guilty of the dreaded double dip.

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Judgment: 50

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