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Warner Bros. // 2008 // 59 Minutes // Not Rated
Reviewed by Judge Brett Cullum // January 16th, 2009

The Charge

Bounce quarters off your backside!

The Case

Leisa Hart has built an empire off her "...of steel" workout routines, and here is one of the latest versions for your fitness consideration. Buns of Steel: Sculpting and Toning revolves around the body part Leisa has made the most money on, her golden gluteus maximus. Leisa is the official pied piper of rump enthusiasts, and this DVD updates her routines and strategies to give you the ultimate derriere you always dreamed about. Listen to all the shouts of "Baby got back!" by just adhering to this DVD's routines for a month...that's what they promise.

You can choose from a variety of haunch enhancers:

1) Athletic Buns -- A 10-minute standing routine that mixes dancing and skating motions to sculpt your posterior.

2) Ballet Buns -- A five-minute standing routine that incorporates simple ballet moves which should challenge those without a dance background.

3) Groovy Buns -- A 10-minute routine using standing and a chair sequence. This looks like squats set to music with you dancing around a chair rather than walking the block or the gym.

4) Bun Challenge -- A five-minute standing routine designed to make things a little more challenging for those who have mastered the other routines.

5) Shapely Buns -- A five-minute floor and chair routine that seems more low-key than the other segments.

6) Yoga -- 10 minutes standing and on a mat with yoga inspired moves and poses. This one is slower paced than the rest, although Leisa still seems constantly in motion.

In addition to these selections, Leisa includes what she refers to as "routine regimens" that simply blend together two of the programs into one exercise session. The ones featured here include "athletic buns & groovy buns," "ballet buns & yoga," and "buns challenge & yoga." Bonus routines featured here are "firm buns," "ab toning," and "hip, back, and buns stretch." Each segment is featured in a very clear full screen that is sharp enough to allow you to see the routines easily. Leisa does the basic version while her dancers do more challenging versions for those who want to take it all up a notch or two. You can also choose whether to hear instructions in english or spanish, as well as remove the narration completely just to hear the booty shaking music.

Now time for my disclaimer about these backside-shaping DVDs. Leisa Hart has admitted she is genetically gifted back there, and her body type naturally has a good shape coming and going. She has freely admitted in interviews some people will never have a great hindquarter section no matter what the hell they do. You need to combine this workout with cardio, diet, and a weight routine to see results. And at that point, was it even the DVDs that made that huge a difference?

All that said, I have nothing but praise for Buns of Steel: Sculpting and Toning. Leisa does create great routines which target the body part it promises, blasting your butt while nondescript techno blares. People seeking a shapely tush will appreciate all the effort that has gone in to this fitness phenomenon. Slap my ass! Go ahead, I dare you. It's of steel, baby.

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Judgment: 92

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Studio: Warner Bros.
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Running Time: 59 Minutes
Release Year: 2008
MPAA Rating: Not Rated

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* Routine Regimens
* Bonus Routines

* Leisa Hart Official Site