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Nickelodeon // 2008 // 225 Minutes // Not Rated
Reviewed by Judge Dennis Prince (Retired) // January 21st, 2009

The Charge

Ever fantasize of having your own fairy godparents who would grant you your every wish and indulgence? That's what Timmy Turner did, and now they're his problem.

Wanda: "Two wrongs don't make a right."
Cosmo: "No, but three rights make a left, and now it's time for the show!"

Be careful what you wish for.

The Case

Timmy Turner is your average 10-year-old boy, which is to say he's impulsive, impetuous, and immature in his long-term logic. Perhaps it's not all his fault (yes, it's a stretch but follow me anyway) given he's also your typical latchkey kid, Mom and Dad quick to profess their unconditional love for him based on the condition that they'll both work full time and will indulge in their every whim and want while Timmy remains behind. Hey, they can't have a kid slowing them down, now can they? Not to worry since they've enlisted teen babysitter Vicky -- that's "Icky with a 'V'" to look after their little darling. Vicky, of course, wears her two faces quite well, cheerily assuring her domestic employers that their little boy will be well cared for, then taunting and torturing the lad mercilessly once Mom and Dad are out of sight. Timmy's only wish is that he could find emancipation from his suppressed existence.

Cue the goldfish.

They're not goldfish at all but in reality, Timmy's fairy godparents. Wanda and Cosmo have been assigned to Timmy by the big fairy in charge of Fairy World, Jorgen von Strangle. Wanda attempts to provide some motherly advice and guidance to Timmy in his wishing while Cosmo is something of an imbecile who frequently mucks up the situation, as if Timmy needed any help in this department.

For many years now, Timmy has been wishing himself into blissful situations only to scramble to wish himself out of the messes he has created, most of which threaten the rest of the residents of Dimmsdale, not to mention upend the balance between the real world and Fairy World. And, don't forget those other beings out their who would love to seize control over the universe, those being the evil anti-fairies and the corporate-like creeps, the pixies. All this in the hands of young Timmy Turner? Yeah, it's gonna be a rough time.

The Fairly OddParents has been a top draw for the Nickelodeon network since the show's introduction in 2001. There's a non-stop flow of shtick here, along with crass humor, potty talk, and pop-culture skewering. Oddly enough (no pun intended) the creative powers felt Season 6 needed a boost of some sort and introduce a new character. That said, the major complication here (as if there weren't enough already) is that Wanda and Cosmo have born a baby of their own, despite the mandate from Fairy World proclaiming fairy babies are not allowed, not since catastrophic Cosmo's birth. Nevertheless, Baby Poof has arrived and become a source of love and anguish (just like real babies) since its magic is often uncontrollable and could be used for evil purposes, if the anti-fairies get control of it. With this, has The Fairly OddParents effectively "jumped the shark?" Well, it's an obvious device, one that has gone on to kill other well-regarded situations (Scooby was saddled with Scrappy, Godzilla was made wet nurse to Godzooky, and so on) but the show narrowly escapes implosion thanks to a never-ending stream of quick quips and sight gags. Even so, Baby Poof seems unnecessary, and now the show's writers will have to keep it from becoming an anchor and hindrance to fun (hey, just like a real baby).

Although Nickelodeon has released some "best of" and "special edition" DVDs featuring The Fairly OddParents, this is a first collection of season-based episodes. Why the network would begin at Season 6 instead at the beginning with Season 1 is a bit of a mystery -- probably the work of the anti-fairies or, worse yet, the groupthinking corporate pixies. You won't find the complete Season 6 here, just the first part of it. The sixteen episodes on tap are presented in their original 1.33:1 full frame format -- clean, sparkly, and with great color. The audio matches broadcast quality, that being Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo. There are no extras on the disc which, again, makes us suspect the low-cost, high-profit minded pixies are at work behind the scenes.

It's a fun show and good to see on DVD, but the Nickelodeon team really needs to fumigate their offices for meddling pixies and anti-fairies. That, or they need to send Jorgen von Strangle to check up on Timmy, Wanda, and Cosmo to see if this is another misfire they've collectively conjured up.

Court adjourned.

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