Case Number 08844: Small Claims Court


Lightning Fast // 2005 // 35 Minutes // Not Rated
Reviewed by Judge David Johnson // March 18th, 2006

The Charge

You heard me. MOVE!!!

The Case

Duane Carlisle's training resume, featured prominently on the flipside of the disc case, is quite impressive: San Francisco 49ers assistant strength and conditioning coach, president and founder of Lightning Fast Training Systems, former speed consultant for the Philadelphia Eagles, and former conditioning coach for the New Jersey Pride, Philadelphia Charge, Tampa Bay Devil Rays, and Penn State. Not too shabby. Although it's hard for me visualize a frustrated parent, looking at his fat and lazy kid pounding away on his PS2, and thinking "If only I had a DVD with someone who had loads of training experience that little Jeffrey would listen to!"

Get Up and Move is an installment in Carlisle's "Home Fitness for Kids" series, and features three 10-minute workouts geared toward children. The exercises are designed to be done indoors with a minimum of props and are all relatively low impact. In fact, as Carlisle emphasizes, the thrust is to basically get kids off the couch and injecting a smidgen of cardiovascular activity into their video game-soaked lives.

Here's how the workouts shake down:

* "Get Up and Move"
The introduction, with emphasis placed on fast footwork and flexibility. 10 minutes.

* "Jump Jump Jump"
What's the focus here? You guessed it -- jumping! Different jumping exercises like faux jump-roping and hops over pillows join other drills that work on balance and coordination. 10 minutes.

* "The Need for Speed"
The final stretch is dedicated toward proper running techniques as well as basic movement tips. 10 minutes.

Each workout has a timer at the bottom, clearly designating how much more punishment the kid has to endure before taking a break. Actually, all the exercises are easy to do, and Carlisle uses his two young boys as support to show how the drills are done. There's lots of hopping and stretching and balancing on one leg and running in place and twirling and so on and so forth. I don't know if it's enough to get your blob of a kid's cholesterol down significantly, but it shouldn't be that steep a challenge and looks kind of fun.

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Judgment: 85

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