Case Number 21743: Small Claims Court


Disney // 2011 // 67 Minutes // Not Rated
Reviewed by Judge Clark Douglas // July 10th, 2011

The Charge

The funniest toons like you've never seen before!

The Case

The Angel, the Demon and Judge Clark Douglas: A profound philosophical discussion

Clark: Let's see, what to review next...

(Clark picks up Have a Laugh: Volume 3)

Demon: Whattup.

Clark: Agh! Who are you?

Demon: I'm the demon on your shoulder.

Clark: But why are you here?

Demon: Nothing going on in hell today. I got bored and decided to come chill with you for a while.

Clark: Do you want me to do your evil bidding or something?

Demon: Actually, I can't start trying to influence you until opposing council gets here. I could lose my official license as an agent of Satan.

Clark: Huh. I didn't know that.

Angel: Sorry I'm late! Overslept a little this morning. Those clouds are just so comfortable...

Demon: Yeah, rub it in.

Clark: Guys, I really have some work to do, so can we just get to whatever you two were wanting to talk about?

Demon: I'll start, if opposing council doesn't mind?

(Angel shrugs and nods.)

Demon: It's a simple request, really. Nothing too terrible. All I'm asking is that when you review that DVD you're holding, you use your limited command of the English language to beat it to a bloody pulp.

Clark: What? Why?

Demon: Don't worry, it's more than merited. Disney has taken a handful of vintage animated shorts, shortened them to "speed up the pace," rescored them with faux-Carl Stalling garbage, and added some incredibly obnoxious "Blam!" and "Re-Micks!" shorts into the mix to turn this offensive headache of a release into a full-blown migraine.

Clark: Golly, that does sound awful.

Angel: It certainly does. And that's because it's a completely unfair representation of what this disc is all about.

Clark: How so?

Angel: Admittedly, that stuff is included on the disc, and it's pretty disappointing. But it's geared at kids, and they don't care. This disc is made for kids. It doesn't matter whether you have a good time.

Clark: That's no reason to give something a pass, though. Kids are easy to please.

Angel: I agree. But what Demon failed to tell you is that the disc also contains full-length, beautifully restored versions of the same animated shorts. That's the meat of the disc, and that's what you should be focusing on.

disney's have a laugh volume 3

Clark: Hmmm. I mean, as long as the original cartoons are there...

Demon: Oh, come on! Disney is promoting all of the bullcrap I mentioned as the selling point of the disc; they're trying to accommodate ADD-riddled kids who would probably be content with the original shorts if Disney wasn't trying to sell the idea that those shorts are too old and slow-moving.

Clark: That's a good point.

Demon: In addition, when you press "play all," you're shown the restored version and then the shortened version back-to-back, which makes for an obnoxiously repetitive viewing experience kids will grow frustrated with. To get the most out of the disc, you're going to have to select each individual short from the disc menu.

Angel: It's worth the effort. The full-length shorts are quite good: "Mickey's Delayed Date," "The Whalers," "Chef Donald," "How to Play Baseball" and "Pluto and the Gopher."

Demon: And yet the inclusion of an animated dance party set to the strains of "I've Got a Feeling" negates all of that.

Clark: Guys -- give me an hour or so, okay? I'll give it a watch and then report back to you.

(Fast-forward one hour.)

Angel: So?

Clark: I agree with you.

Demon: What? Really?

Clark: I mean, I agree with you too.

Angel: Wasn't it a nice transfer?

Clark: I have to admit that these shorts do look great. They're beautifully restored, free of scratches and flecks, boasting vibrant colors and magnificent detail. The audio is strong too, both on the older 2.0 mixes and the newer 5.1 mixes on the shorted versions.

Demon: There aren't any extras, though.

Clark: No, there aren't, though in a way this whole thing feels like a disc of extras without a main feature.

Angel: So what's the verdict?

The Verdict

Guilty, I guess.

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Scales of Justice
Judgment: 60

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Release Year: 2011
MPAA Rating: Not Rated

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