Case Number 21496


Sony // 2011 // 117 Minutes // Rated PG-13
Reviewed by Judge Patrick Naugle // June 7th, 2011

The Charge

How far would you go for the girl of your dreams?

Opening Statement

Another year, another in a long line of Adam Sandler flicks spewed fourth from an assembly line of romantic comedy clichés. This time Sandler is dragging along America's Sweetheart, the perpetually single Jennifer Aniston (oh Brad Pitt, where art thou?), for what is sure to be the feel bland movie of the year. And sure enough, Sony has released Just Go With It on Blu-ray. Let's get this thing started, shall we?

Facts of the Case

Danny (Adam Sandler, Funny People) is a successful plastic surgeon that once had his heart broken on his wedding day. When he realized that wearing a wedding ring while single snags him all kinds of ladies, Danny decided to play the field for decades using his secret little gold weapon. When Danny meets Palmer (newcomer Brooklyn Decker), a girl he finally connects with, he thinks he's scored the jackpot...until she discovers his faux wedding band in his pants pocket. Danny tries to explain why he has a wedding band but ends up caught in a lie that forces his beautiful divorced mother of two assistant, Katherine (Jennifer Aniston, Office Space), to pretend she's his ex-wife. Suddenly the lies spiral out of control as Danny, Palmer, Katherine and her kids end up in Hawaii, each trying to keep up the ruse even as Katherine runs into her old high school nemesis (Nicole Kidman, The Others) and her dingbat husband (singer Dave Matthews). Katherine tells them that she's married to Danny, thus creating a whirlwind of misunderstandings and deception that finally come to a head as Danny realizes he may need to reevaluate his love life before 'the one' gets away.

just go with it adam sandler

The Evidence

Just Go With It is a film filled with characters who are all smarter than rocks but dumber than monkeys. The movie plays like a Three's Company episode set in the present day, just not as funny. It's populated by people whose heads are filled with half a brain and half butterscotch Jell-O. It seriously baffles me how this script made it to the screen without being put down like a wounded racehorse. The movie's history certainly doesn't help: Just Go With It is based on the 1970 film Cactus Flower which starred Ingrid Bergman, Walther Matthau and Goldie Hawn (itself based on a French play, "Fleur de Cactus"). I cannot make a comparison as I've seen neither the play or the 1970 movie, though I can tell you that the odds are they have to be eons better than this stinker.

I'm sorry to say, or maybe I'm not, that I have disliked Adam Sandler in almost everything he's done. Having just watched Billy Madison the other day, I figured there was nowhere to go but up with Just Go With It. The good news is that this film is better than Billy Madison. The bad news is that it's better only by a razor thin margin. I was going to write a normal review, but decided to let you, the reader, in on how my mind operates during a movie like this. After looking at my notes I decided to just share with you my stream of random consciousness as I made may way through Just Go With It:

just go with it brooklyn

* Brooklyn Decker is a very attractive girl. Her breasts should win two Golden Globes (ho-ho).

* I would like to take both of the child actors in this movie (Bailee Madison and Griffin Gluck) and ship them off to the place where actors are only allowed to make industrial films or are eaten by wild Tasmanian devils. Or both.

* Okay, Rachel Dratch and her off center eyebrows are pretty funny. I have the feeling that emotional response is going to be a rarity in this film.

* Unless the story's time table jumped ahead a year, Danny and Palmer's relationship moves from 'meet cute' to engagement within a week, which is hard to believe considering Danny's confirmed bachelor status. But he's a plastic surgeon, so heck -- I'd marry the guy. You go girl!

* Nick Swardson, usually an amusing comedian, plays a character pretending to be an Austrian Sheep Salesman named 'Dolph Lundgren'. This would be a very funny performance if we lived in a world where depressing caricatures and idiotic accents translated into comedy gold.

* Nicole Kidman and Dave Matthews show up as Katherine's old high school rival and her husband. Dave Matthews is wearing so much makeup that his orange glow practically eclipses Kidman's bright red lips. Remember, I said practically.

* Danny, his fake ex-wife and fake kids all go to Hawaii together with Danny's hot new girlfriend the crazy Austrian impersonator for no good reason except it moves the story to Hawaii (presumably so all the actors could enjoy a vacation in paradise).

* I lost track of how many 'crotch shots' there were (i.e., where someone gets hit in the genitals hard), but I know there was at least one, and that's one too many.

* Adam Sandler's idea of 'stretching' as an actor seems to be changing T-shirts every movie. If he ever changes his shoes, he may win an Oscar.

just go with it jennifer

* Why did Jennifer Aniston agree to be in this movie? I think I may write her agent a letter of inquiry.

* Please, soundtrack producers, stop remixing old '80s songs by General Public and The Police with Rhianna or Snow Patrol's current hits. It's just...terrible. Really, really terrible.

* Oh boy, Heidi Montag is in this movie. I think she may be one of the four horsemen. It's always nice to see a soon-to-be footnote hanging around a movie set.

* This movie takes the word 'fun' out of 'dysfunctional' and replaces it with 'dopey'. This movie is 'dysdopial'.

* Number of times I've laughed during this movie: once. Number of times I've peed during this movie: twice. You know it's not a good sign when urination is winning out over laughter.

* Watching Jennifer Aniston fall in love with Adam Sandler is about as hard to swallow as believing Donny Osmond is the love child of Santa Claus and Imelda Marcos.

just go with it nicole kidman

* Nicole Kidman should avoid doing anything that involves comedy and probably Tom Cruise.

* One character tries to bring a sheep back to life and performs the Heimlich maneuver on it. This scene plays out exactly as you might imagine and that's not a compliment.

* Actual dialogue from the film: "I'm standing at my wedding. I start looking out into the Pacific. And I think to myself, 'Wow, I'm about to start my life with the one I love.' The only problem was the one I love wasn't with me." If ANYONE can write to me and tell me how that sentence makes ANY sense, I will give you my first born child.

* There isn't a believable character in this movie. I secretly think either Mr. Hanna or Mr. Barbera was behind the screenplay.

* Why is it in every one of these Adam Sandler movies the men are always mediocre schlubs while the women appear to have stepped off a Maxim magazine cover?

* There is Hawaiian hula dance off with Kidman and Aniston that comes close to being PG-13 porn.

* Maybe it's just me, but making fun of fat people for no other reason than they are fat just doesn't do it for my funny bone.

And there you have it. In case you didn't catch it, Just Go With It is a poorly constructed and unfunny affair. Conversely, my mother, father, sister and brother-in-law all loved this movie, so maybe there's no accounting for taste. Or maybe I'm adopted. Take your pick.

Just Go With It is presented in 1.85:1 widescreen in a 1080p hi-def transfer. Sony has done a great job on this disc -- the colors are bright and vibrant, especially when the film moves to the Hawaii location. There is a noticeable lack of grain or defects, making this a nearly crystal clear image that will certainly please fans.

The soundtrack is presented in DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 (in English and Spanish). The biggest boost this soundtrack gets is through the remixed '80s pop songs (a staple of many a Sandler movie) that also features some of today's biggest hits. There isn't a lot in the way of surround sounds here, save for some background noises that round out the mix just fine. Also included on this disc is a Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtrack in English as well as English, French and Spanish subtitles.

It's sad to see a movie as disposable as Just Go With It getting such an in depth treatment while classic films don't even get the luxury of an original theatrical trailer. The even sadder part is most of the supplemental material is just fluff and nothing of real substance. Here's what you can expect: two commentary tracks (one with director Dennis Dugan and one with Nick Swardson, Adam Sandler and other cast and crew members), approximately seventeen minutes of unneeded deleted scenes, a few short featurettes, each under ten minutes in length ("Laugher is Contagious," "The Perfect Couple: Adam and Jen," "Shooting Hawaii," "Dolph -- Not The One From Rocky IV"), a promo for the Hawaiian hotel called "Grand Wailea Promo," some more goofy featurettes ("Adoni Living Plastic," "Along Came a Prop Guy," "Decker's Got Gas," "Kevin Nealon: The Plastic Man," "What's a Dugan," "Look Who Else Is In This Movie," "Sneaky Kiki and Bart The Water Fart," "The Not So Perfect Couplem," "Decker's First Role"), some previous of other upcoming Sony releases, a MovieIQ quiz game and some BD-Live features.

Closing Statement

Just Go With It is a middling, blandly constructed romantic comedy that isn't very funny. If ever there felt like a movie where everyone was around for a paycheck, this is it. The Blu-ray is top notch, which is small consolation if it's not something you feel the need to revisit.

The Verdict

I wouldn't go with it at all, thankyouverymuch.

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Video: 95
Audio: 95
Extras: 90
Acting: 68
Story: 65
Judgment: 67

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* 1.85:1 Non-Anamorphic (1080p)

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* DTS HD 5.1 Master Audio (French)
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* English (SDH)
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Running Time: 117 Minutes
Release Year: 2011
MPAA Rating: Rated PG-13

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