Case Number 18804: Small Claims Court


BFS Video // 2009 // 281 Minutes // Not Rated
Reviewed by Judge Roy Hrab (Retired) // April 29th, 2010

The Charge

"We're in Norfolk, Lyle. The flattest place in Britain. A place where wearing high heels gives an uncomfortable sensation of vertigo."

The Case

In the small British town of Market Shipborough lives an assorted bunch of weird characters. The one person even remotely normal is a kindly lawyer, Peter Kingdom (Stephen Fry, Jeeves and Wooster). It seems that whenever a problem pops up, legal or otherwise, the locals head to Kingdom's office.

The office itself is inhabited by eccentrics, the least of which is Kingdom. Also present are Peter's partner in the legal practice, Lyle Anderson (Karl Davies), Peter's half-sister, Beatrice (Hermione Norris, MI-5) and, the secretary, Gloria (Celia Imrie, Nanny McPhee). Each has their own set of problems, some current and some past, that follow them through the series.

The 3-disc, 6-episode Kingdom: Series Three is the third season of the television show from ITV. Each episode follows a fairly strict formula. First, something humorous happens to set up the episode. Second, someone brings a problem to Peter and Kyle. Next, Kyle gets himself into all sorts of problems, providing comic relief and the opportunity for Peter to provide sagely advice. At the same time, Peter will bicker with his sister. The problem will then take on a more serious tone before Peter gets to the heart of the matter, which typically involves a touching (perhaps sappy) resolution.

The audio and video are solid. The image is clean. The stereo audio is clear.

There are no extras.

This is a solid if unspectacular and somewhat dull show. Fry is a good fit for the amiable and selfless Kingdom. The supporting actors do serviceable work in their roles. However, all the character are thinly sketched, even Kingdom.

Kingdom is a formulaic series and it dutifully follows its recipe to the letter in every episode. There are some amusing moments, but nothing particularly hilarious, shocking, offensive, or surprising occurs. It's quite mild. If you're looking for some light and fluffy viewing, you'll find it here.

A final note: In North American, the first season of Kingdom is currently unavailable on DVD. Additionally, Kingdom was cancelled by ITV after the third season, so those looking for the resolution of loose ends will be disappointed.

The Verdict

Not guilty.

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Scales of Justice
Judgment: 73

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Release Year: 2009
MPAA Rating: Not Rated

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