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Cinema Epoch // 1966 // 67 Minutes // Not Rated
Reviewed by Appellate Judge Tom Becker (Retired) // July 25th, 2008

The Charge

"Anything you want! Come on, let's live like pigs!"

The Case

Who could resist a come-on like that?

Certainly not Mike, a pockmarked lunkhead being wooed into evildoing by foxy Parisian club owner Dani. Dani's club is frequented by wealthy and nubile teens. She introduces them to the pleasures of uninhibited sex, and now these Little Girls are hooked on phallus. They get their coital kicks wherever and whenever, and with whomever, occasionally being set up with men supplied by their friend and ersatz pimp, Bismuth.

Unbeknownst to these soiled Sallies, they are merely dupes in Dani's plan for big bucks. She is having Mike and Bismuth photograph, film, and tape record the girls' venereal encounters and plans to use the electronic evidence to blackmail their rich and respectable parents.

Naturally, the course of avaricious exploitation cannot run smoothly. Gumming up the works: Mike falls for one of the comely tramps, and the parents' reactions to their daughters' lewdness aren't what Dani expected.

Little Girls is mid-level, mid-'60s Eurosmut. It features reasonable production values, morality-heavy dramatics, and lots of naked young flesh. It was produced in France and imported to the USA by exploitation specialist Bob Cresse. Producers often took foreign-language erotica like this and recut and overdubbed them to create a different story than what was filmed. How much of the original narrative was lost in translation -- and recutting -- is anyone's guess. It's What's Up, Tiger Lily? with topless French girls.

Like the Schoolgirl Report series from Germany, Little Girls gives us clearly legal-age actresses cavorting as young teens. Beyond the suggestion of underage antics, this is all pretty chaste. No full-frontal nudity or hardcore sex here. This is the kind of film Sharon Tate's character in Valley of the Dolls made when she went to Europe to star in "art films."

Little Girls was a "lost" film that was recently unearthed. This means it most likely sat in someone's attic or basement for the past 35 years or so. Given that history, the presentation here isn't too bad. The print, naturally, is far from pristine, but overall, it's not in too bad of a shape. Ditto the soundtrack, which features a hilariously erudite voice over, some sequences that are surprisingly well dubbed, and others that sound like a warm-up for the next Godzilla strike or Crank Yankers episode.

Cinema Epoch includes but one extra here, and it's a terrific one: an on-screen essay by DVD Verdict's own Judge Bill Gibron that gives background on Bob Cresse and provides a lot of context that adds greatly to the viewing experience. Among the more interesting points: In one sequence, two of the characters go to the movies, where a bondage-porno film is playing. The B&D sequence they watch is actually an insert of a film Cresse made of himself knocking around model Michelle Angelo. Bill's essay was also posted at and is linked under "Accomplices."

Little Girls is much more interesting as history than it is as porn, but it's still an amusing little romp, if you like this sort of thing. If nothing else, you can have a good time trying to figure out what the original French film was supposed to have been about before Cresse got his hands on it.

Not guilty.

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Judgment: 75

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Running Time: 67 Minutes
Release Year: 1966
MPAA Rating: Not Rated

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* Essay by Bill Gibron

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