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MicroCinema // 2009 // 99 Minutes // Not Rated
Reviewed by Appellate Judge Tom Becker (Retired) // September 22nd, 2009

The Charge

"What a coincidence!" -- oft-repeated mantra behind this moronic pile of crap

The Case

9/11 conspiracy theories, from the folks who brought you...two other half-assed films of 9/11 conspiracy theories. I didn't see the previous installments, but if they're anything like Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup, I don't need to.

This one tells us not that the Bush administration had a heads up on the attacks and -- intentionally or not -- failed to act, but that the Bush administration actually caused the attacks. The hijacking bit was a ruse, and at least two of the planes -- flights 77 and 93 -- either didn't exist at all or didn't really crash. What happened to the people on these planes? The video doesn't say. How, in our media-saturated and gossip-hungry world, was the Bush administration able to coordinate and ensure the silence of the tens of thousands of people necessary to pull this off, dupe the mainstream media -- never a fan of Bush -- and fool everyone except the knuckleheads who made this video? The video doesn't go there, either.

It's the usual conspiracy theory nonsense: rumors, insinuations, strained connections, blurry photos, grainy archival footage, out-of-context comments, ironic-sounding narrator, expert opinions by people who aren't experts -- 'evidence' so lame Judge Judy would call you an idiot for trying to use it in her courtroom. Virtually every theory presented has been refuted elsewhere by credible sources. The game plan here: make a statement or accusation, introduce anything, however pathetic, that will support it (any random soundbite will do), and ignore everything that counters it. It's the usual histrionics (cue ominous music) made reprehensible by cashing in on a national tragedy.

I thought about going through and pointing out a few of the many inaccuracies, examples of sloppy research, asinine conclusions, wretched writing, and so on, but frankly, this piece of shit's not worth my time. If you're interested, you can find a few Web sites that'll give you the 411 on Loose Change 9/11. I've listed a couple in the sidebar.

The Verdict

Glib, stupid, and not worth taking the shrink wrap off.

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Scales of Justice
Judgment: 1

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