Case Number 17239: Small Claims Court


Secret Key Motion Pictures // 1972 // 78 Minutes // Rated R
Reviewed by Judge Christopher Kulik (Retired) // September 11th, 2009

The Charge

Learn the secret of eternal sex from these Nymphs!

The Case

Considered by many as the Queen of Sexploitation, actress Sybil Danning has carved out quite a resumé for herself. Since the early '70s, she's played many screen sirens. Some have seductive motives, while others who aren't afraid to kick some butt. Indeed, Danning has probably tapped into every exploitative sub-genre out there, including women's prison films (Chained Heat), slasher (They're Playing With Fire), and soft-core (Warrior Queen). Back in 1972, long before she came to Hollywood, she was really just a young starlet who could sell a movie. And it didn't matter if she was topless or not. One such film, Naughty Nymphs, is now available on DVD for the first time.

Young, sexy nurse Elizabeth (Danning) has just been fired for refusing to disrobe in front of a doctor (he claims he wanted to see her appendix scar, but she knew better). Frustrated, she decides to return to her hometown and start over. Her father is a local pharmacist who is also president of a censorship club to clean up the scum found in magazines and television. Little does he know that his other two daughters, Maria and Christel, are having sex every night with their boyfriends. Only Elizabeth is proud to say that, aside from some innocent kissing, she's as "pure as the driven snow."

Maria and Christel desperately want to see their older sister get laid and, eventually, get married. Then both girls could get approval from their father to tie the knot with their boyfriends. Amadeus, Maria's beau, may just have the solution. While working as the father's assistant, he manages to create a special pill that will not only cure male impotence...but will also make one aggressively amorous. Now, the sisters must find the right man for the job. Should it be Elizabeth's childhood friend? Or Elizabeth's new doctor perhaps? Well, if they don't work out, there's also any one of Elizabeth's patients, who are all already in love with her.

The original German title of this film is Blutjung und Liebeshungrig, which is roughly translated as Underage and Hungry for Love. Obviously this title isn't exactly right for our politically correct culture, so the American distributor decided on Naughty Nymphs, which screams dirty sexploitation to the max. There is the usual amount of T and A, but there's hardly any simulated sex to be found here. As a matter of fact, it's more light, fluffy, and playful than the average sexploitation film. The plot is fairly well-developed, with several twists complicating things, and the cast's antics make this film more amusing and clever than one might expect.

Despite its commitment to a trashy brand, Naughty Nymphs is actually good fun from beginning to end. If anything, the cast seems to be having a ball, particularly Paul Lowinger as the befuddled father and Claus Tinney as the nerdy doctor. As for Danning, she does her thing and does it well; her fans should have no complaints. There's also a terrific running gag of a woman who gets horny only when she is in the middle of a cornfield, a requirement that constantly makes her husband cry out in frustration.

What's a little disappointing is Secret Key's DVD presentation. According to IMDb, the original German version runs about 90 minutes long, which is 12 minutes longer than the English-dubbed version offered here. Visually, the full frame print has a fair amount of age defects. Flesh tones suffer considerably, as all the actors appear to have heavy amounts of sunburn. Audio is much more acceptable, with the mono track giving equal respect to the music, songs, and sound effects. Bonus features include a German sex comedy trailer reel and some excellent liner notes about Danning and the film.

The Verdict

Naughty Nymphs is a saucy sex comedy worth seeking out, particularly for Danning fans. The film is free to go, but Secret Key is found guilty of a weak DVD presentation.

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Scales of Justice
Judgment: 83

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Studio: Secret Key Motion Pictures
Video Formats:
* Full Frame

Audio Formats:
* Dolby Digital 1.0 Mono (English)

* English

Running Time: 78 Minutes
Release Year: 1972
MPAA Rating: Rated R

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* Liner Notes
* Trailer Reel

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