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Warner Bros. // 2009 // 351 Minutes // Not Rated
Reviewed by Judge David Johnson // June 7th, 2010

The Charge

Rex Ryan is still a buffoon.

The Case

Sorry for that. It's the Patriots fan in me creeping out. As is the case whenever you apply for your first driver's license in New England, you are made to sign a sworn affidavit proclaiming your abiding distaste for the Yankees, Canadiens, Lakers and, yes, the Jets.

This plucky team of smash-mouth defenders and trash talks were one of the big stories of the 2009 season. With the arrival of Rex Ryan as head coach, a flamboyant defensive specialist, the most-of-the-time pathetic franchise started earning credibility. The Jets defense and running game compensated for the uneven, but promising play of rookie QB Mark Sanchez. These three games chosen by the NFL are indeed the most pivotal of the team's season, and should prove enough to help fans forget some of the truly awful losses they also incurred (did you see that Buffalo game?).

Here you go; three discs, three TV rebroadcasts of the games in their entirety:

Disc One: Jets vs. Patriots, 16-9
Lot of hype about this one, propelled by Ryan's statements about not wanting to kiss Belichick's ring or something. The Jets pulled it out against a Welker-less Patriots squad and celebrated like it was a Superbowl win.

Disc Two: Jets vs. Bengals, 24-14
Here's when they started to be taken seriously. Going into Cincinnati and beating up on the fraudulent Bengals made a statement.

Disc Three: Jets vs. Chargers, 17-14
Norv Turner and the Chargers had no answer for the Jets stifling defense. This is far and away the team's greatest victory, coming against a San Diego team that had looked absolutely unstoppable. Poor Phillip Rivers.

The dream ride would of course run into the Peyton Manning brick wall in Indianapolis, but New York certainly put themselves in the discussion of up and coming elite teams in the NFL. Early on, many are pegging them to take the AFC East.

Wow, this read less like a DVD review and more like a sports column. Probably because there's not much to the DVD. It's just three game replays, with no bonus features and no special programs, transferred in standard anamorphic widescreen (jarring if you've watched NFL games in high-def regularly). Also, no mention of the 31-14 drubbing the Patriots issued the Jets in November. Bam!

The Verdict

Not Guilty, I guess, if all you want is to watch straight replays.

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Judgment: 75

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