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History Channel // 2011 // 375 Minutes // Not Rated
Reviewed by Judge Franck Tabouring (Retired) // August 25th, 2011

The Charge

Time to git history done!

The Case

Although still a relatively young nation, the United States has plenty of compelling history to offer. Who better to send across the country to explore its rich past than Larry the Cable Guy? Granted, he's definitely not the kind of guy you would expect to show up in a largely educational television series running on the History Channel. For what it's worth, the veteran comedian pulls off quite an entertaining show. Balancing refreshing humor with fast-paced history lessons, Only in America With Larry the Cable Guy: Volume One is quite an enjoyable addition to History's current programming.

Maximizing the 45-minute running time of each episode, Larry travels to three different states each time to dig into local history and share his discoveries with his audience. The content couldn't be more diverse, as viewers get to see him make moonshine, learn all about table manners, catch an alligator, or hang out with the clowns at the famous Ringling Brothers circus. Needless to say, Larry makes sure to participate in all the events he features on the show, adding an extra layer of entertainment to the series.

It may all be part of the show's gimmick, but Larry the Cable Guy shows a passionate interest in the history of the United States, and his willingness to learn all about his adventures and be part of the fun contributes to the elements that make this such an informative, enjoyable television experience. Only in America With Larry the Cable Guy offers a content diversity rarely seen in the realm of reality TV these days. That's something we as spectators should cherish and support. Truth be told, this is anything but a boring history lesson.

Whether it's racing a soap box, visiting the country's first family of fireworks, checking in with NASA, impersonating himself in Vegas, or catching a ride with the Hell's Angels, Larry dives into anything and everything he believes makes this such a great country. The show's multi-camera production workflow helps generate fast edits and different ways of capturing all the action, keeping the pace of the show consistent throughout.

A few extra words about Larry as the show's host. Without him, Only in America would obviously only be half as much fun. Larry's comedy and especially his theatrical escapades are not necessarily appealing to everyone, but on this show, he keeps his act together and actually delivers one hilarious line after another. Not every joke he utters is completely clean, but let's just say he keeps it safe enough for television even younger audiences may enjoy. At the end of the day, this guy definitely gives this thing an extra edge.

Volume one of the show includes ten episodes spread across two discs. Picture and audio quality definitely do the job, although it's nothing to get overly excited about. None of the disc include any special features.

Only in America With Larry the Cable Guy: Volume One offers compelling television focusing on the vast history of America. Boasting rich content, lots of light humor, and a solid dose of knowledge, this show proves yet again that the History Channel's got is right when it comes to developing addictive television experiences. Last but not least, kudos to Larry the Cable Guy. I never thought I'd start liking this guy. History is indeed made everyday...

The Verdict

Not guilty.

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Judgment: 87

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