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History Channel // 2011 // 470 Minutes // Not Rated
Reviewed by Judge Franck Tabouring (Retired) // April 29th, 2012

The Charge

History has found its match!

The Case

Larry the Cable Guy is back in action, traveling across his beloved United States to explore the nation's rich past firsthand and crack hilarious jokes whenever he gets a chance. You may be surprised if you're not familiar with the program, but it's all part of hosting the History Channel's Only in America With Larry the Cable Guy: Volume Two, an informative and highly entertaining TV series that follows the popular comedian as he attempts to discover and explore all sorts of historical events and traditions that make this country such a great one. History decided to split up the show's first season across two DVD releases, and Volume Two features eleven new episodes filled with educational material viewers of pretty much all ages should be able to enjoy to the fullest extent.

Since this is merely the continuation of the show's first season, the format of the program remains identical to that of the previous release. Each episode runs for 45 minutes, following Larry to three different locations as he digs into local history and finds quite amusing ways to share his findings with his audience. Determined to learn as much about this country as he can, he shows great passion for this line of work and successfully combines his hosting skills with his ability to drop witty lines and pull jokes at record speed. As terrible as his movies may be, Larry the Cable Guy pulls off a surprisingly sublime job getting his hands dirty in the name of history and culture.

So, what is Larry up to in Only in America With Larry the Cable Guy: Volume Two? For starters, he checks out the world of oyster harvesting in South Carolina, followed by a visit to the Smoky Mountains to track down a family whose roots there date back some 250 years. He also travels to the smallest town in the country, makes a stop at the State Fair of Texas, and finds out what exactly it takes to be a logger. Whether he visits a Minnesota high school or hangs with the Amish, Larry heads to all sorts of unique locations and meets up with a horde of interesting individuals, all ready to share whatever it is they'd like to share in the name of America's vast history.

Much like the History Channel's other popular shows, Only in America with Larry the Cable Guy boasts solid camera work and fast-paced editing, turning each episode into a thrilling history lesson loaded with interesting facts and sharp humor. Larry may not be known as the most harmless comedian out there, but families should not worry about letting their youngsters check in on this program. His jokes may not always be the cleanest, but he never utters anything shockingly inappropriate. If anything, he spends a lot of onscreen time making a fool out of himself, and he has no shame admitting it.

Picture quality and sound are standard for this type of program, so no complaints in the technical department. You won't find any extras in this three-disc set, but History added English and Spanish subtitles this time around.

Only in America With Larry the Cable Guy: Volume Two completes a compelling first season of yet another solid show launched by the History Channel. Larry's energy as a host and the places he visits and people he meets create an entertaining, educational program designed to share this country's history through a creative, refreshing way that will beat the monotony of textbooks any day. Larry got 'r' done in style this time. Here's to anticipating an equally hilarious second season!

The Verdict

Not guilty.

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