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Anchor Bay // 2007 // 160 Minutes // Not Rated
Reviewed by Appellate Judge Tom Becker (Retired) // October 22nd, 2008

The Charge

You can't be alone forever.

The Case

If you think about it, most celeb reality shows are just extensions of mid-life crises. What happens when people go through mid-life crises? They try to find love, try to find themselves, and try to lose weight. What do celebs do on reality shows? Try to find love, try to find themselves, and try to lose weight.

While "trendsetter" might not be the word that springs to mind when thinking about Scott Baio, America's favorite hoser grabs the bull by the horns and lets us know that his stint on VH1 is all about the mid-life. His show is called Scott Baio Is 45...and Single. The Man Who Would Be Chachi is looking for love, but not in that Rock or Flavor way.

Back in the day, Baio was a major ladies man. Among his conquests were such famous beauties as Heather Locklear and Pamela Anderson -- yes, Tommy Lee actually batted clean up for the star of Charles in Charge and Diagnosis Murder. Stomping on the grave of chivalry, Baio shares stories of 30 years of conquests, injecting bold-faced names whenever possible.

How did Baio acquire this...prowess? I shudder to think, but fortunately, that's not the point of this reality show. Although he's frequently been to paradise, the star of the The Boy Who Drank Too Much hires a life coach. You see, Scott has a perfectly lovely girlfriend, Renee, but he's going to lose her if he doesn't make a commitment. So, for the monogamy-phobic star of Bugsy Malone, it comes down to two choices: get a ring, or die alone.

Baio's life coach instructs him to have no contact with Renee for eight weeks. During that time, he'll need to evaluate everything in his life that has brought him to this point. A big part of this is reconnecting with old flames, and while A (or at least high-B) listers like Locklear, Anderson, and Nicollette Sheridan don't put in appearances, we do hear from faded femmes like Nicole Eggert and Erin Moran. Moran was Baio's first stop on the horndog express; in addition to her appearance here, she also recently did a stint on Celebrity Fit Club with Baio's former best friend, Willie Aames. Unfortunately, Aames does not turn up here, frustrating those who've been pining for a Zapped! reunion.

As far as celeb reality-TV-as-therapy goes, Scott Baio Is 45...and Single is one of the least heinous. Baio comes across as pretty much a "regular guy," an image he seems almost frantic to cultivate -- do people really spend that much time playing golf, having poker night, and bantering with buddies? His ragtag entourage includes former child actor turned producer Jason Hervey (The Wonder Years) and "wing-man" Johnny V, a small time actor and Baio's best friend. Although Johnny V purports to be a real person, he comes off as a caricature, like every antiquated swinger cliché ever known to man rolled up into one annoying human being.

The show was broadcast in half-hour segments, which, without commercials, run about 20 minutes each. There are attempts to build some suspense -- will Scott remain true to Renee? Will he stray? Will he run away? Will they make it to May? -- but we pretty much know how it's all going to turn out. In case there's any doubt, there is a second season called: Scott Baio Is 46...and Pregnant.

The full-frame picture and stereo audio are fine. The only extra is "Behind the Scenes" footage, basically some outtakes.

If you're a fan of low-level-celeb soul-baring or the cult of "whatever happened to...?" then this set should be right up your alley. If spending nearly three hours listening to locker-room talk from Fonzie's angst-ridden cousin doesn't sound appealing, then you may want to hold out for the next season of Rock of Love.

There's a whole other season to see: Scott Baio Is 46...and Pregnant. The jury is still out.

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