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E1 Entertainment // 2004 // 368 Minutes // Not Rated
Reviewed by Judge Clark Douglas // December 23rd, 2009

The Charge

Life is full of questions. Sex is full of answers.

The Case

Are you a fan of those stories in which a smart, intelligent, uptight woman meets a playful, horny, obnoxious guy, hates him at first, slowly starts to succumb to his charms, and then falls passionately in love with him? Then you'll love Show Me Yours, the Canadian sex-com that doesn't have an original bone in its body. Part Sex and the City, part Cinemax programming, part The Ugly Truth, and part toxic waste, Show Me Yours is an exasperating waste of time.

The central character is Dr. Kate Langford (Rachael Crawford, The Man) a psychologist-turned-sex-expert who is working on a book about sexual relationships. A wrench is thrown into her plans when Kate's publisher informs her that she is going to have a co-author on the book: a particularly obnoxious sex expert (and sex addict, for that matter) named Dr. Benjamin Chase (Adam Harrington, The Ugly Truth). Kate can't stand Benjamin, but she's going to have to learn to get along with him if she's going to keep her book deal. The plan is to write a book that offers contrasting points of view on a wide variety of sexual subjects. Each episode, Kate and Benjamin bring in some interview subjects, talk to them about their intimate sexual fears and fantasies, and then provide their own interpretation of the interviews for the book.

16 episodes are spread across two discs:

Disc One
* Pilot
* If You Can't Take the Heat
* In Sex We Trust
* War & Peace
* The Following Game
* Sexual Healing
* It's My Party
* I Confess

Disc Two
* Big in France
* On the Other Hand
* Let Go, My Ego
* The Intentional Phallus-y
* Best Foot Forward
* The F-Word
* Pandora's Box
* Plus Ca Change

It's a little bit difficult to figure out who the show is going to appeal to. Essentially, it feels a great deal like an ongoing softcore porn series. The acting is incredibly bland and wooden, from the leads all the way down to the bit players. Most of the subplots are thin excuses to set up a variety of sexual situations. The dialogue has a tendency to be overloaded with wheezy double entendres ("Are you coming?" "I sure hope so..."). There's about as much nuanced character development as the average daytime soap opera. The only missing piece of this puzzle is that the show actually contains surprisingly few softcore sex scenes, coming off as a good deal milder than something like HBO's Rome (or even Sex and the City, for that matter). So, those coming for the cheap titillation will undoubtedly be disappointed.

What about those coming for the sexual analysis? A quick glance at some of the user reviews on IMDb reveals that many of the show's fans are impressed by the manner in which it addresses various subjects related to sexuality. I honestly don't know why. The psychology here is incredibly thin and obvious; offering about as much stunning insight as the average issue of Cosmopolitan (You know, the ones with the articles like A Dozen Ways to Satisfy Your Man in the Bedroom and Top-Secret Tips on Keeping Your Relationship Smoking Hot!). Come to think of it; I suppose that's precisely the crowd this is going to appeal to. If you're looking for a television series that actually has some substantial things to say about sex, I'd recommend the flawed-but-thoughtful Tell Me You Love Me and Swingtown.

The transfer is incredibly disappointing, looking more like a television show from the '80s than something produced as recently as 2004. The image is grainy and severely lacking in detail, flesh tones are off, and there's a surprising level of scratches and flecks throughout. It's clear that the show was more or less thrown onto DVD without any effort put into cleaning up the image. The audio is okay, though the music tends to be a bit louder than the dialogue at times. There are a few particularly noisy scenes that may cause you to adjust your remote a bit. There are no extras of any sort included on the set.

Dull, repetitive, and instantly forgettable, Show Me Yours fails to succeed either as credible drama or competent trash.

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Judgment: 40

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Release Year: 2004
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